After the Spain debacle – Manuel Neuer curses vulgarly – and the network laughs at Germany

Germany lost 6-0 to Spain. The result? A disaster. For Joachim Löw, for the German football heart. How are the reactions? And what are the consequences of bankruptcy?

The half dozen is full: The goals for 5-0 and 6-0.

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A debacle. A disaster. The German national team loses 6-0 to Spain in the Nations League. It is the national team’s biggest defeat in 89 years. The last time there was a defeat by six goals was the 0: 6 against Austria on May 24, 1931. For Captain Manuel Neuer, his 96th international match, with which he rose to the sole German record goal, was a very bitter evening.

The German Football Association is facing a heap of rubble. Almost seven months before the European Championship (start: June 11, 2021), the DFB has to answer several questions. What about Mats Hummels, Thomas Müller and Jérôme Boateng? Is Joachim Löw still the right man? What happens now?

Not an easy undertaking. Especially since the team is already ridiculed. The players are aware of this, as the reactions on Twitter and the international press reviews show.

That’s what the German players and Löw say about the debacle

Manuel Neuer was just disappointed. Best seen in the 55th minute when the Spaniards made it 4-0. The goalie was served and did not bother to hide it. Furious, he hit the post and roared his frustration out into the Spanish night – with one word that aptly summed up the entire course of the game: “Fuck!” His anger: understandable. He was guilty of all goals.

After the game, the goalie was calmed down. Didn’t want to put a teammate in the pan. He said something like: “I’m part of the team. We messed up the game together. The body language and communication were too little. We should have spoken more. ” Or: «Just after the first goal. It is important that you support yourself. There is no right time for such a game. It’s just bitter. ” Toni Kroos meanwhile said: “The problem is that we didn’t get access. Spain showed us how to do it. The plan was to be compact. That half worked. (…) It wasn’t the tactics. Both directions didn’t work. We have to analyze the game, of course, also towards the tournament. We still have a little time. However, we only meet in March. There is still a lot to be done. “

And Joachim Löw, the national coach? The 60-year-old was at a loss. In the interviews, he knew no explanations for the disaster, for the historic bankruptcy. Löw spoke of a “pitch black day”. Nothing worked, he said, neither on the defensive nor on the offensive. «After the 1-0 win, we gave up our whole concept. We left the concept and walked around somewhere. No organization, no communication. That was fatal. We discussed things clearly, what we want and don’t want, ”said Löw.

That is what the Spanish coach thinks

Luis Enrique says: “It was one of the best games for the national team.”

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After Spain’s overwhelming victory against Germany in the Nations League, coach Luis Enrique was full of praise for his team. «I am very happy with this result for the players. (…) I would say that everyone in the team contributed to the success without wanting to highlight anyone. In order to beat a team like Germany, everyone has to work together, ”said the 50-year-old from Asturias in northern Spain. And he added: “Germany had their best team and I think we played very well from the start. It was one of the best games for the national team. “

That’s what the press writes

The Spanish press was understandably happy. For example, “La Vanguardia” wrote: “Spain gave itself homage and a bath of self-confidence in the empty Olympic stadium in Seville. (…) Spain overran Joachim Löw’s team, it was a downright race from the first minute to which Germany couldn’t find an answer. ” «El Mundo» said: «Spain humiliates Germany in a night steeped in history» and «El País»: «Spain embarrasses the Germans. The new generation of the ‘Reds’ has shown it with an epoch-making series of goals from Löw’s team and will play in the final phase of the Nations League. “

The press in Germany was meanwhile stunned. “11 Friends” compared Germany with Schalke 04 and wrote of “Deutsche Schalke”. The “image” said: “Disaster against Spain, now Jogi is shaking.” The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” wrote: “There has never been such a defeat under Löw.” For the “FAZ” the bankruptcy was even a “low point”, the “Zeit” wrote: “Spain is outclassing the German national team” and is certain: “It won’t work anymore.”

But the 6-0 draw of the German national team also caused a stir internationally. «The Guardian» wrote: «Joachim Löw’s team was not simply defeated for the first time in 13 games, it was destroyed. “

Is Löw still good?

Joachim Löw has been counted for a long time, but the DFB is still behind the German national coach.

Joachim Löw has been counted for a long time, but the DFB is still behind the German national coach.

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Almost seven months before the European Championship (start: June 11, 2021), the DFB has to answer the question of whether Joachim Löw is still the right man for the tournament. Can he be trusted to lead the national team to success at the Euro? It seems: yes. At least that’s what the German leaders believe. Manager Oliver Bierhoff said after the game: “The trust in Jogi Löw is there, absolutely. This game doesn’t change that either. ” Löw didn’t want to get involved in any discussion either. “If I have to worry, you have to ask others. I can’t answer that here now, “he said.

The fact is: the latest results do not speak for the 60-year-old. The performance is too inconsistent, too bad. And it’s not just the latest results, it’s been tough for a long time. Unforgettable about the historic qualifying round at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

What about Thomas Müller, Jérôme Boateng and Mats Hummels?

That was once upon a time: Joachim Löw and Thomas Müller.  Will the two of them cheer together again in 2021?

That was once upon a time: Joachim Löw and Thomas Müller. Will the two of them cheer together again in 2021?

Photo: Keystone

«I’ve never seen such a total failure! The discussion about Hummels and Boateng will continue. You need these leaders after such a defeat! In terms of team management, Müller will be mentioned, “said Lothar Matthäus, commenting on the game at” Bild “, but immediately added:” I don’t think Jogi Löw deviates from his opinion on the three. ” The national coach had recently made it clear again and again that the return of the trio was not an issue.

Mesut Özil campaigned primarily for the return of Bayern defender Jérôme Boateng to the selection. “Time to take @JeromeBoateng back” tweeted the 32-year-old who was under contract with Arsenal after the Germans’ miserable defensive performance in Seville. At Arsenal, coach Mikel Arteta Özil has not reported for either the Premier League or the Europa League. The midfielder resigned from the national team after the World Cup preliminary round in 2018.

The network laughs

A look at Twitter and the hashtag #ESPGER is enough to know: After the German national team got under the wheels against Spain, they also have to go online. Here are the best reactions on Twitter:

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