After the surrender of Armenia, what fate for Prime Minister Nikol Pachinian?

In one week, Nikol Pachinian has experienced a real political shipwreck and now looks like an autocrat hated by his people and clinging to his power. But it is now that Russia has a vested interest in him staying in office, according to newspaper Vzgliad.

After the second Karabakh war ended for Armenians halfway between a painful defeat and a national tragedy, one would like to blame Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian for all the vicissitudes of the South Caucasus.

He is accused of betraying the interests of the nation, weakening the military, being an incompetent, cowardly ruler, and worse. Everything seems to be against him: public opinion, the demonstrators in the streets, the president, and even members of his own team. He has already received the resignations of Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanian and Deputy Prime Minister Vagar Sisserian’s Chief of Staff. Some deputies from the ruling “My Step” alliance have also renounced their mandate.

Here are some scenarios that are available to Pachinian today: announcement of early elections, resignation without delay in favor of a government of national unity, indictment. The intelligence services announced that they had foiled a radical coup d’etat that provided for the assassination of the Prime Minister, but justice did not follow. Justice is therefore also against Pachinian.

According to the less radical opinion in the opposition, the Prime Minister has failed politically and no longer has the moral legitimacy to rule the country. That may be true, but Pachinian is keen to show that he has no intention of quitting his post, using all the means of the state of military emergency to suppress his opponents, and behaving openly as a muzzle.

Pachinian behaves like Lukashenko

For example, he called on the soldiers to return from Nagorno-Karabakh to Yerevan to “Settle their account” to those who “Scream under his


Dmitri Bavyrine

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