after the tragedy of La Manche, London and Paris in a hurry to act

The death of 27 migrants Wednesday, November 24 in the sinking of their boat off Calais, caused fear on both sides of the Channel. Shocked, the British press calls on the French and British governments to finally collaborate on this issue.

“As long as Britain and France have not established a relationship of trust, these tragedies will happen again”. Like the Telegraph, most British dailies on Wednesday evening called on the French and British governments to work together urgently to prevent new tragedies at sea such as the one that claimed the lives of 27 migrants in the Channel on Wednesday, according to a new report reviewed at the decrease.

“The people who are going on these journeys need our help. We are not at war with them ”, reacted daily The Independent in an editorial.

French security forces accused of “standing idly by”

The sinking of the boat in the English Channel, an unprecedented tragedy on this migratory route, caused a shock wave in London and Paris. During an interview on Wednesday evening, Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron “Agreed on the urgency of stepping up joint efforts to prevent these deadly crossings”, according to a Downing Street spokesperson. Reacting a little earlier on Sky News, the British Prime Minister who said to himself “Shocked, revolted and deeply saddened”, had not failed to point out the Franco-British disagreements on this issue.

Wednesday evening, the tabloid The Sun he fired with red balls on France, and in particular on its police forces, which, according to him, have remained “Arms folded as terrified and frozen children crammed into life-threatening boats”. “It’s not just shameful. It’s inhumane”, the conservative daily rebels. “Maybe after this tragedy, […] the French will finally put an end to their childish anti-Brexit games, order their police to get to work and prevent these dangerous lifeboats from going to sea ”.

“Throwing money at the French doesn’t work”

For The Sun, “The bad smugglers of course bear the ultimate responsibility”. Most “France must send an army of cops to lock them up, because the UK paid them £ 54million to do so”, ensures the tabloid.

“The fact that the number of migrant crossings is three times higher than last year proves that throwing money at the French”, to fight against the channels of smugglers, “does not work”, considers for his part the Telegraph.

Last July, the United Kingdom pledged to pay 62.7 million euros to France to strengthen the surveillance of the French coasts, remind her BBC. In October, the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, however criticized the United Kingdom for not having paid the promised funds.

Noémie Taylor-Rosner

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