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After the “unhealthy phenomenon” was repeated, these people now have immunity, so be careful

Hitting, threatening, kidnapping, insulting, defamation, slander, slander, slander, assault, verbal and physical harm, fabricating false news, vandalism, breaking and smashing, and the list goes on..

What we mentioned above are phenomena that have become recurring recently in all hospitals and health centers throughout the Lebanese territory, especially after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, against medical and nursing staff, and most of them are attacks carried out by the families of patients who die as a result of complications from the Corona virus or other diseases. Parents are often angry and violent, blaming the treating doctor or hospital in question for the death of their patient..

This “unhealthy” phenomenon that threatens the already exhausted health sector from many repercussions, the repetition of attacks prompted the approval of the proposal to amend the Penal Code in terms of felony and misdemeanors committed against doctors and their assistants, after amendments were made to it by the Parliamentary Administration and Justice Committee, and extensive study It was previously proposed by the Health Committee, This took place in the general legislative session, after a delay between the two committees due to study and waiting for more than a year.

The law that was approved constitutes a kind of professional immunity for doctors, nurses, workers and administrators in hospitals, and it is based on Article 559 of the Penal Code and the amendments made to a number of its paragraphs, which distinguish between the reality of assault due to the work of the doctor and his assistants or assault outside the work of these.

Criminalizing and fining aggressors against medical and nursing staff has become a law in force, “and this is an important matter with the increase in cases of assault on them,” according to what the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Firas Al-Abyad, said in his comment on the adoption of the law. Will the law be respected in a country that creates “strange and strange” phenomena to violate and violate laws?

In any case, the country does not lack legal texts, but rather the obligation to implement them, even if we are absolutely convinced of what the popular proverb states: “God heals and the doctor takes the reward.”…”


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