After the uproar… the honorary doctorate was withdrawn from Muhammad Ramadan, and these are the reasons

After causing an uproar since it was announced, the donor decided to Honorary Doctorate, by the Egyptian artist, Mohamed RamadanYesterday, Friday, he pulled it out.

The German International Cultural Center in Lebanon justified its decision due to the case of the late pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr with Muhammad Ramadan, which was the subject of media attention, as well as the fact that a Zionist singer and actor took a memorial photo with the Egyptian actor, which led to accusations of normalization with Israel, according to what was reported. Egyptian media

The center said that he was never aware of these two incidents, which he condemns and denounces, and that is why I decided to withdraw the certificates of honor from Muhammad Ramadan.

The German International Cultural Center in Lebanon also apologized “to the people of Egypt, the government and the army, for honoring the so-called Muhammad Ramadan and giving him an honorary doctorate.”

It is noteworthy that the German embassy in Cairo issued a statement, on Thursday, stressing that “there is no relationship between the German government and the so-called German Cultural Center in Lebanon.”

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, had posted, through his official account on the “Instagram” website, a picture of an honorary doctorate, and private photos of him with some Lebanese artists, commenting: “Thank you, His Excellency the Lebanese Minister of Culture, the Syndicate of Musicians, and the Syndicate of Lebanese Actors for granting me an honorary doctorate in acting and performance. The lyrical, and thank you to the German Cultural Center in Lebanon, for granting me the title of Ambassador for Arab Youth.

The Lebanese Minister of Culture, Abbas Mortada, confirmed that “the ministry did not interfere in the selection of the honorees by the award committee granted by the German International Center, and we do not know what criteria on the basis of which they chose the honorees.”

He explained that “the role of the ministry in this honor did not go beyond the role of care that the center formally requested from us, and we sent the director general of the ministry, Dr. Ali Samad, to represent the ministry in his presence only,” pointing out that the Lebanese Ministry of Culture does not have the powers to grant any honorary doctorate or any These official titles or decorations are given by the Presidency of the Republic and the official Lebanese University in the country.

Then the public discovered that the center was not affiliated with the German embassy, ​​and that it was selling honorary doctorate degrees for $100, equivalent to 1,600 Egyptian pounds, which opened fire on the Egyptian artist by officials, artists and followers.

The German embassy in Cairo denied any relationship between Germany and the institution that awarded artist Mohamed Ramadan an honorary doctorate in Lebanon recently.

“We are always relieved to see how many people like the word Germany, but keep in mind that not all institutions or companies that offer or use the word Germany are approved and affiliated with the German government,” the embassy said on Facebook.


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