After the US election: Trump dismisses the chief of authorities after objecting to election fraud

Giuliani speaks of a large-scale conspiracy to fraudulent elections – without providing any evidence

Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Rudy Giuliani has accused democratically run cities of a nationwide conspiracy to fraudulent elections without any evidence. Giuliani’s remarks on Tuesday (local time) are part of attempts by US President Donald Trump’s campaign team to prevent the official confirmation of the election result, which was rated as a victory for Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Former New York City Mayor Giuliani spent most of his time claiming, without evidence, that there was a far-reaching system in Pennsylvania and elsewhere that Trump stole the election in the Battleground states, where Joe Biden was victorious.

At the hour-long trial, District Judge Matthew Brann told Giuliani that to agree would mean disenfranchising more than 6.8 million Pennsylvania people who had cast their vote. When asked by the judge how such an outcome could somehow be justified, Giuliani stated that the “remedy” corresponds to the “injury”.

The lawsuit revolves around a complaint that Philadelphia and six democratically controlled US counties allowed corrections to incorrect postal voting documents that otherwise would not have been counted due to minor defects such as a missing signature. It is unclear how many ballot papers there could be. It is unlikely that it could be enough to overturn the election result.

Democratic lawyers called on Brann to dismiss the case, claiming that the arguments put forward by Trump’s campaign team were not based on the Constitution or were irrelevant after a Supreme Court decision. The alleged evidence presented by Trump is at best average irregularities that do not justify non-recognition of the election and victory of Joe Biden.


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