After the “wave”, can the coronavirus become seasonal like the flu?

DECRYPTION – Cousins ​​of the Covid-19 have become seasonal viruses. What about the disease that caused the global pandemic?

Illustrative photo.
Illustrative photo. SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP

Emmanuel Macron said it on Sunday March 22: “The wave” coronavirus “is here”. Europe is taking it head on, drowning in an increasing number of deaths. Other continents, like Africa or America, anxious to suffer the same fate, have already taken drastic measures not to sink in the face of the influx of sick. In Wuhan, the Chinese focus of the epidemic, travel restrictions will gradually be eased. There, the tsunami represented by the Covid-19 was finally contained, after intense fighting, strict confinement, and 3000 deaths.

On the Old Continent, the health war seems far from over. But if the trajectory is the same as in China or South Korea, the decline should start eventually, in May or June, according to expert estimates. The scenario should be similar in all parts of the world, even if not all countries fight on equal terms, according to their means and the power of their

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