After the withdrawal of the co-participation, the Nation, the City and the Province met again due to the pandemic, but without definitions

The Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, met in Olivos his peers from the Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires governments Source: LA NACION – Credit: Ricardo Pristupluk / file

Felipe Miguel, Chief of Cabinet of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, He arrived on time, at 7:30 p.m. Without witnesses, the Buenos Aires official crossed the green gate on Villate street, an entrance through which guests enter the Olivos presidential palace. Thus, he became the first member of the administration of his Buenos Aires boss to meet with the national government after the decision of the President Alberto Fernández of cut 1.18 of co-participation to the city.

At the meeting, led by the coordinating minister, Santiago Cafiero, and in which the Buenos Aires chief of staff participated, Carlos Bianco, There was no progress on what the next stage of the quarantine will look like, which will begin on Monday. Although it was an important step to turn the page after the conflict.

“Today we did our part, we summoned the province and the Buenos Aires government, as we had said. The coordination of the pandemic for us is central “, sources from the Casa Rosada highlighted.

According to witnesses to the meeting, it was a “good” meeting. The three chiefs of staff They agreed to speak again tomorrow to define if there will finally be a meeting between the President, the Buenos Aires governor and the head of government. Despite the discomfort generated in the Buenos Aires government by the definition of Fernández, in both administrations they assured that everything is directed so that the Head of State and Rodriguez Larreta meet in the next few days, possibly Friday.

There was no mention of the Government’s decision on it takes away funds from the City to redirect him to the province of Buenos Aires, which will thus be able to cope with the police salary increase. There were also no definitions on the requests of the Capital to advance with the Education protocol so that face-to-face classes in parks and 48 city squares are reactivated for the 6,500 students that the City identified as those who lost all types of contact with the school .

The government of Rodríguez Larreta aims to move further with construction, an activity that generates more than 200,000 jobs. Rodríguez Larreta’s plan, which has the backing of the Uocra leader, Gerardo Martínez, is to activate the works of more than 5000 square meters. And he will return to a subject with which he had a brake from the Nation almost three weeks ago: enable social gatherings for up to 10 people on terraces and patios of the gastronomic places.

Resistance to opening

The meeting took place after the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, he criticized the Buenos Aires government again due to the debate that was generated from the withdrawal of the partnership.

“Nowhere has the Nation put as many resources as in the City, no one can say that nothing is being taken away from it,” said the national official. González García gave as an example that “500 respirators” were donated by the Nation to the city, and went further: he anticipated that in the discussion that will begin in a few hours “I would ask the City to show solidarity, as they were with her” when most of the cases were concentrated in the AMBA.

González García affirmed that “the President is open to receive all governors”, and thus relativized the dispute over the coparticipation funds, that the Buenos Aires government will take the Supreme Court in the next few hours to stop the decree that redirected funds (would be about $ 13,000 million this year) to the Buenos Aires coffers.

“In the talks that we have, and that we are going to have, we are disagreeing with the permanent openness attitudes of the city of Buenos Aires,” the minister insisted yesterday.

In the Buenos Aires government, which after the announcement of the withdrawal of funds decided to limit the dialogue with the Government to coordination for the pandemic, They made it clear that they are continuing with their opening plan. That generated the rejection of Minister González García.

“Recreation for the kids seems reasonable to me. But that the bars are the basis of the dispute … if you can’t control, you can’t make an opening. And that can’t be controlled,” concluded the national minister, leaving in clear that the discussion between Nation, city and province will not be harmonic this time either.

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