After their last appearance and the connection was confirmed.. you will not imagine what the age difference is between Tariq Al-Arian and Nicole Saafan – shocking!

Posted by Syrian model Nicole Safan Some snapshots documenting her first public appearance with her fiancé, the director Tariq Al-Arian Alone, away from friends and private celebrations, as they were in a nightclub in Miami, after the news of their engagement was circulated through her personal account. On the photo and video sharing site atInstagram».

I wrote the Syrian model Nicole SafanCommenting on the shots she collected with Tariq Al-Arian: «One year ago, like today in Miami», indicating that their association came more than a year ago.

The age difference between Tariq Al-Arian and Nicole Saafan

And the search rates increased during the past few hours about the age difference between Tariq Al-Arian And his new Syrian girlfriend Nicole Safan, to find that she is younger than him by more than 30 years. She was born in Syrian Arab Republic 1998, she is 24 years old and he is 58 years old.

How did Tariq Al-Arian and Nicole’s relationship begin?

Al-Arian and Nicole’s relationship began with the preparation for the second part of the movie “Rizk’s childrenNicole Safan A Syrian girl is striving to fulfill her dream of acting, and Nicole took advantage of the opportunity to search for new faces in the film and already participated in it, but she was not lucky to occupy a large space at work.

Nicole has already appeared in the famous concert scene, but with simple shots, and from here came the beginning of her acquaintance with the director of the work Tariq Al-Arian.

But Nicole and Al-Arian are not over yet.”Welad Rizk 2“A strong friendship developed between them, days passed, and rumors of betrayal and separation began surrounding Asala and her ex-wife. Indeed, a rumor emerged that Al-Arian was in a relationship with an actress in a movie.”Rizk’s children“Many names were also put forward, including those who participated in the work and other stars away from the film, but the identity of this actress was not clearly and explicitly identified.

Divorce of Asala and Tariq Al-Arian

It is reported that the actress authenticity She has officially announced her separation from the director Tariq Al-Arian In January of the year 2020, after a marriage that lasted for more than 13 years, and resulted in twins: (Adam and Ali).

She was a Syrian artist. Asala NasriShe revealed for the first time the reason for her separation from her ex-husband, the director Tariq Al-Arian. And that was during a previous interview with the program “”secret inkShe said: “The real reason is the person himself, the reason is not other people.. We have nothing to do with the stranger, whether it is extras or something else.”

She added, “I do not know how many times I have been betrayed. The first time I did not know what to do in this situation and condone it, because I did not know what to do.”

And she continued, “The friendship was broken between me and Tariq Al-Arian There is no longer a life between us, and I was overcome a lot.. We have good days, children and successes that we have to remember with the harsh things I lived.”

And regarding the talk that a Syrian actress is the reason for the divorce, she said authenticity: “This is an intruder from many intruders, not one.” She replied that the first letter of her name was “N” and she did not think she was an actress, and asked not to continue talking about this matter.

Many followers speculated that Asala Nasri You mean the Syrian model? Nicole SafanAfter she replied that she did not think she was an actress, when the announcer asked her that a Syrian actress was the reason for her separation.

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