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after their separation, Jean harassed Pierre for months out of revenge, “he put me in the hole!”

The correctional court of Verviers looked into a case of harassment between ex-spouses on Wednesday. The particularity of this file lies in the diversity of means and the energy deployed by a forty-year-old from Verviers to harm his companion and “dispossess him of his own existence”.

The two men had a relationship of several years before separating in 2016. Three years later, on April 24, 2019, the police were called by a relative of the defendant’s ex-companion, the victim being incapacitated. to use their own phone. When the police arrived, the victim explained that “his vehicle and the lock giving access to his apartment were damaged and his telephone subscription was cut. Immediately, she designates her former companion as being responsible for these facts, ”said the public prosecutor. A complaint, the first in a series of more than 30 depositions, is then filed.

He canceled his appointments, asked for credits in his name …

“Every day, the victim reported new intrusions into his privacy, including his email address, his online banking system? Credit requests were made in the victim’s name, a bank account was opened under his identity, medical appointments were canceled, various packages that he had not ordered were delivered to him, his supplier electricity has been changed without his knowledge, ”detailed the judge during the hearing. The defendant had also contacted the victim’s mutual insurance company, sending him a false payslip attesting to a job while the victim was then on the mutual insurance company. This letter led to a visit by two inspectors from the National Institute of Sickness and Invalidity Insurance (Inami) and a suspension of the payment of the indemnities that the victim was receiving.

“In this case, madness awaits everyone, including the prosecution,” commented the Crown prosecutor, who admitted to having considered the two men as suspects. “Especially since the defendant had also filed complaints against his ex-companion for harassment. He presented himself to the police with screenshots attesting to the latter’s unwanted calls. “

False phone calls thanks to “spoofing”

Following the various complaints lodged by the victim, a home visit took place at the defendant’s home and his computer equipment was seized. “The analysis of this equipment and of the telephony made it possible to establish that the defendant had used the technique of” spoofing “(a series of computer hacking techniques which makes it possible to usurp the identity of a person, Editor’s note) by generating false calls from her ex-spouse and then claiming harassment and filing false complaints. In this way, the defendant also called the victim with the number of the latter’s late father », Explained the prosecutor. Despite the ongoing legal proceedings and hospitalization of the defendant, the facts continued for nearly two years.

During the hearing, the defendant, who admitted the facts, explained that her only motivation was to harm her ex-spouse which he said had hurt him a lot.

Stunned by the energy displayed by the defendant, the judge questioned him about a possible psychological follow-up and his professional prospects, while the forty-something has never worked permanently. “After my hospitalization, I saw a psychologist and I undertook nursing studies”, replied the Verviet resident.

To allow the defendant to find a job after finishing his studies, the defense argued in favor of an independent probation sentence. The prosecutor, for her part, demanded a 30-month prison sentence against the defendant, already known for acts of identity theft.

In addition to the victim, the Vesdre police zone has also become a civil party and claims in particular the amount of working hours performed by the agents when they were dealing with false complaints lodged by the accused.

The court will deliver its judgment on November 3.


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