After voting: Trump’s revenge on his own people

US President Trump is at the last meters of his power on a campaign of revenge against the country that did not re-elect him. He wants to make life as difficult as possible for his successor Biden.

A comment by Arthur Landwehr, ARD-Studio Washington

Donald Trump’s hectic decisions, ordinances and layoffs of senior executives send a clear signal: He understands that he has no more time, except for those few weeks until January 20th until someone else will rule from the Oval Office.

He has realized that there will be no more four years in which he can achieve his political goals for restructuring the USA. So he uses the strokes of the pen that the law allows him to add final traces to his legacy, which as far as possible no one can cover up.

Escalation in the last few meters

That is certainly a motivation why he is still quickly awarding mining rights in the nature reserve, having the foundations poured for the wall in Mexico, withdrawing troops from Afghanistan or thinking about an attack on Iran.

He was there, all elements of his promises from 2016, which have not yet been fully implemented. The fact that he behaves like the proverbial elephant in a china shop, tearing down fragile political and diplomatic structures with every movement, does not bother him. On the contrary: with every day, with every signature, he deliberately makes the start of the presidency more difficult for Joe Biden.

The hasty withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan alone could tie up Biden’s strength for years if the Taliban no longer feel a counterweight and take power with a new tyranny. At the same time, Biden can no longer simply undo felled trees, paved roads and drilled holes.

Trump on a campaign of revenge against his country

In the last few days of his presidency, Donald Trump also proves what has shaped the last four years: He takes politics personally, has gone on a campaign of revenge against a country that has not re-elected him, and goes to the field against those who do not support loyalty Say “yes” right away.

The defense minister, who does not want to send troops against demonstrators, the chief for cybersecurity, who dares to call the presidential election “safe”, which Trump has declared falsified without evidence. You must go. And the pharmaceutical companies, which in his opinion have delayed reports about a corona vaccine until after the election, are quickly forced into a regulation for lower drug prices.

Trump’s presidency only had one item on the agenda: Trump

It is clear that he can do all of this. He is president until January 20th and has these rights. Does it serve the welfare of the country that is facing gigantic problems? Certainly not, even party friends are now raising warning hands.

But these days since November 3rd prove for the last time that Donald Trump’s presidency had only one real program, namely Donald Trump. They also give a foretaste of the time afterwards, when he is no longer in power, but his supporters will continue to fixate on themselves, in a political movement called Donald Trump.

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