After “Zahra Salon”, I will present a new work in the drama

Last update: August 31 – 2021 9:14 PM

Joe Bou Eid entered the world of directing through video clips and presented many successful clips, including with Nancy Ajram, Ahlam, Yara, Fares Karam and others. He also presented a movie called “Maxi Skirt”. Finally, he began to experience directing television dramas, and the first series of “Salon Zahra” starring Nadine Nassib Njeim and Moatasem Al-Nahar. So what does Joe Bou Eid say about this work and its echoes to “Sawt Beirut International”: Praise be to God, the series echoes and its success. I follow it on social media, and the work has ranked first in most Arab countries on the “Shahid” platform, evidence that the series has satisfied people and I am happy with the reactions. As for how he was nominated to direct “Zahra Salon”, which is well-known in the world of clips directing, he said, “I had previously presented a movie titled “Maxi Tanoura” because I love cinema, but I was not very enthusiastic about going into the experience of dramatic directing, but since I have a friendship with producer Sadeq Sabbah and his daughter Lama since For 7 years, we were talking about the possibility of my readiness to enter the dramatic television battle, but things were not completed as they should, until the series “Zahra Salon” came. Very good.

As for his management of the actors, Bou Eid confirmed that he is a director who loves spontaneity of performance and prefers to give priority to the actor’s feeling away from techniques, and despite the presence of an acting professor on the filming sites, there was cooperation between us so that everyone present in the work presents the best of him and adds I am happy with every character in the series Among the heroes are Nadine Najim, Mutasem Al-Nahar, Zina Makki, Nahla Daoud, Anju Rayhan, Majdi Mashmoushi, and the rest who gave their best.

And whether he received an offer to direct a new work, Joe Bou Eid confirmed that he had already signed an agreement with the “Sabah Brothers” company to implement a new series for the “Shahid” platform that will be shown before the next Ramadan, but I cannot disclose its details at the present time.

Will he stay away from filming songs? He said, “There is a lack of production in the field of filming clips, and the artist no longer depends on a clip to promote a song, as he prefers LYRIC VIDEO or STORIES on Instagram for marketing purposes, and he continues, “But last year with Maya Diab I presented a special experience by filming a party that was shown On the Internet in a new way, but I do not think that I will miss the filming of songs if there is a budget that allows to present a distinguished clip. And about his failure to cooperate again with Nancy Ajram, with whom he succeeded, he indicated that the clip “Do not come here” for Nancy achieved great success, and perhaps she wanted to cooperate with other directors with the aim of change, but there is no problem with her or with other artists with whom I have a distinguished friendship.

Finally, what are the clips that have been released recently for a number of stars such as Najwa Karam, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Nancy Ajram and Wael Kfoury? He indicated that Kfoury’s clip is the most popular because it is similar to the song.

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