Aftermass’ new package officially released on October 6th and pre-ordered

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H2 Interactive (hereafter H2 INTERACTIVE, CEO Jun-ha Heo) is a third-person shooter game developed by SABER INTERACTIVE. <월드 워 Z> PS4 Korean version of the latest content <월드 워 Z: 애프터매스>is scheduled to be officially released on September 22 at a retail price of 21,000 won, <월드 워 Z: 애프터매스> It was announced that the pre-sale of a new package with contents (released on October 6th, retail price 45,000 won) will start from today (17th).

<월드 워 Z: 애프터매스>is the ultimate co-op zombie shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster movies and the original hit that has captivated over 15 million players worldwide. <월드 워 Z>of new content.

Turn the tide of zombie apocalypse on PS4 and PC in perfect crossplay. Join forces with up to three friends, or team up with Ai to fight off hordes of zombies as you follow impressive story episodes from all over the world where zombies are ravaging. Reclaim Vatican City by resolving a bitter confrontation in Rome, and join forces with the survivors of Russia’s snow-covered Kamchatka Peninsula.

<월드 워 Z: 애프터매스>in <월드 워 Z GOTY 에디션>All content included in the . The game features are as follows.

new story

Resolve a fierce confrontation in Rome and reclaim Vatican City in new story missions. Join forces with survivors on Russia’s snowy Kamchatka Peninsula. Play as new characters as well as returning characters, and take down zombies with special skills and abilities, and brutal new combat systems like scythes and two-handed weapons like cleavers. You’ll also have to deal with new enemies, such as a horde of bloodthirsty rats, that wreak havoc on your team.

Next-generation zombie hordes

Play games in 4K and 60 FPS. In the new mode ‘Horde Mode XL’, hundreds of objects have been added, and you can see the largest number of zombies in history on the screen. Endure the increasingly difficult and endless wave of zombies and survive to the end. (*Horde Mode XL will be provided as an update after the PS5 release)

In-depth game progression and new perspectives

<월드 워 Z: 애프터매스>Experience a whole new and exciting perspective with an immersive first-person mode option, first supported in .

Level up with 8 unique classes, each with different abilities and playstyles, including the contractor, gangster, slayer, medic, fixer, scavenger, drone master, and a newly released class, with weapons to survive any challenge Customize your game and unlock new daily challenges with special conditions to earn bonus rewards. Package reservation benefits Iine controller stick cover is provided.

<월드 워 Z: 애프터매스> For more information on content upgrades, new package releases, and pre-orders, see the official home page and Facebook, and Youtubeand playstation store, H2 Mallcan be checked in


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