Again Arrested for Drugs, Millen Can Be Jailed for 4 Years

Jakarta, Insertlive

Millendaru or known as Millen Cyrus, was again arrested by the police at a cafe in South Jakarta during a health protocol raid.

When asked to do an on-site urine check with his two friends, Ashanty’s nephew tested positive for Benzo.

Of course this is surprised many people, one of them was Erles Rareral’s legal practitioner. He did not expect Millen to be arrested within 2 months of carrying out rehabilitation in his first case.

“In the case of Millen, of course many people were surprised and did not expect that he would fall in the same hole. The family should have played a part in keeping him from tarnishing their good name,” said legal practitioner Erles Rareral at Polda Metro Jaya, Sunday (28/2).

Then, Erles also responded family claims about Millen who allegedly tested positive for Benzo due to a doctor’s prescription drug. Therefore, the Millen family must bring proof of a doctor’s prescription and give it to the police.

“It is legitimate for the family to claim that Millen is using Benzo, where the medicine they get from the doctor is a sedative and it is a doctor’s prescription. If it can be proven, the family asked to bring all the doctor’s prescriptions,” he added.

It is just, this case could end badly if proof of a doctor’s prescription about the drug from the family cannot be shown. In addition, Millen himself is still not free and has returned home since his arrest last Friday.

“If not, why did the investigator not be separated from yesterday. If until today tonight, he is still being detained, that means there is something and investigators must dig further,” Erles.

As a legal practitioner, Erles called the worst impact In the case of Millen, he was detained for 4 years in accordance with Article 127 paragraph 1. Because Millen was proven to have used narcotics class 1.

“Certainly, this child will be subject to Article 127 paragraph 1 again with the threat of a sentence of 4 years, that’s for sure. But there is also the possibility that Millen will carry out rehabilitation,” he said.

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