Again beaten, Agen has not won for 573 days

The SUA conceded Friday night at home against the promoted Bourg-en-Bresse his 33e defeat in a row. The Agen president has set an impossible ultimatum for his manager. Régis Sonnes could save his head by winning against the leader from Mons next Saturday.

573 days that it lasts. In other words, an eternity. Friday night, at home, in front of a dumbfounded and dejected audience, the AUS players conceded a new setback, the 33e in a row. A humiliating defeat, facing the promoted Bourg-en-Bresse (24-28) for, after a virgin season in the Top 14 (26 defeats), to find himself in the red light of Pro D2 with four failures in as many days. A cataclysm, a shame. An endless fall. 573 days since their last victory (against Brive).

The promises of rebellion, of a burst of pride, of simple professionalism, are shattered one after the other. The Agen players are unable to find the path to success. For an ever heavier threat to the staff led by Régis Sonnes. “When you lose, the staff is targeted, it’s normal, commented the head coach after this umpteenth nightmare. The leaders will have to ask the right questions. I will not give up. Not with a club like Agen.»

A reprieve that only exists to give oneself the time to find a new manager

No question of returning his apron then. If Régis Sonnes leaves the club, it will not be on his initiative. “It’s not me who decidesHe confirmed, the tears hardly held back by the eyelids. Indeed, it is the president of the SUA, Jean-François Fonteneau. And the latter, interviewed Friday evening at our colleagues from Sud Radio, decided to give him a final reprieve. One last chance to return to victory. Next Saturday on the Mont-de-Marsan field… the undefeated leader of the second division championship. Suffice to say that unless there is a miracle, the manager’s fate is sealed, this grace period only seeming to exist to have time to find his successor.

«We must avoid talking hot, we must have discussions with the staff to take the best possible direction, justified Jeff Fonteneau on the waves of Sud Radio. What drives me is anger. We are in a terrible spiral. The organization will end up paying off, but in rugby, if we don’t put in the necessary ingredients such as aggression, it doesn’t work. Even against a promoted club that did not necessarily come to win with us. We have a block that will end against Mont-de-Marsan and it will not be easy for us. There will have to be a collective reaction. I would have an exchange with my manager because we have to find the right direction.It would be time after more than a year and a half to take a wrong turn.


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