Again breeding employee infected by mink Inland

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According to Schouten, the new contamination case is comparable to the previous one. Three people were infected at the company in question. At least one of them is infected by a mink, according to the ministry, according to an analysis of, among other things, the genetic code of the virus that was found in them.

The infection probably occurred when it was not yet known that mink was infected on this farm, and staff were not yet wearing protective clothing and masks. According to the RIVM, contamination can be prevented with the correct use of protective equipment.

Other breeding

Last week it was announced that another animal had infected animals from humans. Since then, mink farms carrying the coronavirus have had to keep the stables closed to visitors and take additional hygiene measures.

These measures will also apply to other mink farms this week, until it is determined exactly which companies have been affected. That is currently being mapped. Companies are obliged to cooperate with that research.


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