against all expectations soon to return to TF1? He is preparing a completely shattering arrival!

The least we can say is that even when he is no longer at the helm of the 1 p.m. newspaper on TF1, the journalist Jean-Pierre Pernaut continues to be talked about, to the delight of viewers who tire of not seeing him so often on the air.

It must be said that with daily appearances on TF1 for decades for the newspaper, Jean-Pierre Pernaut had conquered the hearts of the French who were particularly fans of his way of presenting the newspaper.

Since the very beginning of the year, it is the new presenter Marie-Sophie Lacarrau who has taken up the torch from Jean-Pierre Pernaut. But if for some viewers, the latter is not up to their expectations, for others it’s a big revelation and they didn’t expect the journalist to pull off the crazy gamble of taking over from the legendary presenter. But will it last very long?

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: his new show is a huge hit, he speaks live to French people without taboos!

If there is one French journalist who is renowned for his outspokenness on all occasions, it is Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Indeed, the latter never hesitates to speak out on subjects that are sometimes very controversial. Since the coronavirus health crisis that we have been going through for more than a year, Jean-Pierre Pernaut did not hesitate for a second to speak out, especially when it comes to criticizing the government of Emmanuel Macron.

It is therefore quite natural that he was able to have the opportunity to present a brand new program on LCI, entitled Jean Pierre & Vous. In this weekly meeting, we can thus discover the host Jean-Pierre Pernaut discussing with French people on subjects that can sometimes be controversial, as we could see from the very first broadcast of his show which made a lot of noise.

Just a few days ago, however, we learned through journalist Thomas Hugues that Jean-Pierre Pernaut could possibly have regretted his choice to leave the presentation of the 1 p.m. newspaper. It was in fact during an interview that he mentioned the journalist who has now left her place to Marie-Sophie Lacarrau.

On the other hand, to our knowledge the two journalists would not have indulged in confidences between them, and Jean-Pierre Pernaut being rather discreet on the subject we will probably not know more. On the other hand, behind the scenes he is preparing his big comeback on TF1 …

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: his big comeback on TF1 is near, discover all the details he has revealed exclusively!

This is great news that we heard on social media just a few hours ago. Indeed, Jean-Pierre Pernaut shared a snapshot on Instagram which drove its biggest fans completely crazy.

While the journalist left the 1 p.m. newspaper, we should be able to see him again on TF1 very soon in the program Grand Reportage which for years already has been a big hit on the antenna of the first channel in France. He has indeed released an exclusive photo where we can see him driving a Bugatti, and the least we can say is that he looks very happy to soon be able to find the antenna. who had missed him so much for several weeks on TF1.

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