Against Celebrities FC, Team PSSI Strengthened by Evan Dimas, Shin Tae-yong, and Indra Sjafri


Evan Dimas Darmono was again called by Shin Tae-yong for the TC SEA Games 2021.

BOLASPORT.COM – Several names will be the team squad PSSI All Star to fight Celebrity FC among them are Evan Dimas, Shin Tae-yong and Indra Sjafri.

Match between PSSI All Star Vs Celebrity FC is likely to remain implemented as part of a campaign to host matches with health protocols.

Initially, the idea of ​​this fight was raised by Raffi Ahmad | as representatives of Celebrity FC when visiting the office PSSI some time ago.

“We will make a friendly match between the communities to welcome the Menpora Cup (2021) with later we will also donate in those matches,” he said. Raffi Ahmad |.

“We have agreed with my friends that the donation will be submitted to PSSI or to the Menpora, please distribute it to fellow athletes who really need it, especially in these circumstances. “

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This proposal was finally accepted by the Chairman of PSSI, Mochamad Iriawan.

This match is a fun football event that is hoped to be a pilot before the 2021 Menpora Cup and possibly the 2021 Liga 1.

However, there are many pros and cons in society regarding who will represent PSSI in the match against the FC Celebrity.


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