Against the Hercules project, a mountain of Linky counters in front of the LREM headquarters

Against the Hercules project, a mountain of Linky counters in front of the LREM headquarters

Make the fight against the EDF split-off project “Hercules” more visible: it was the bet of nearly 200 CGT activists who dumped Linky meters on Tuesday in front of the headquarters of La République en Marche (LREM), in the 2nd district of Paris.

Arrived by bus, the activists gathered in front of the discreet party porch to empty all kinds of bags (backpacks, fabric, trash …) filled with Linky counters, but also a few orange Gazpar counters.

For a few minutes, Tuesday at noon, the noise of anise green counters hitting the asphalt echoed in the narrow rue Sainte-Anne, before being replaced by the song of the militants: “Electricity and gas are not for the private sector! It is a right for all users! “

A slogan also inscribed on a banner unrolled by demonstrators which directly targets the “Hercules” project to split EDF into two or even three entities, which should lead to the opening of the capital of certain branches of the energy company to private shareholders .

“A spoliation of the common good”, moved the PCF senator of Seine-Saint-Denis Fabien Gay, present at the rally, who recalled his “determination”, alongside the agents present, “to fight against the dismantling of EDF “.

The CGT, by far the first union in the sector, defends a position totally against the grain of the Hercules project: “to become again what we were before, EDF-GDF”, as Nadia recalled, among the rare sales representatives present at this gathering.

– “Public service grave-diggers” –

The CGT has chosen to combine two symbols, the seat of the presidential party, but also the Linky meters long contested and today installed in more than 30 million homes in France, or four out of five.

These meters, synonymous according to the CGT with job cuts since they can be installed by service providers and avoid the movement of agents for the readings, “they are placed in front of the gravediggers of the public service”, concluded Cédric Liechtenstein, secretary General of CGT Energie Paris.

The demonstrators then quickly dispersed as a few police officers approached with riot shields, who kicked aside the counters thrown in front of the discreet headquarters of the party founded by Emmanuel Macron.

“It was a symbolic action to tell those who take decisions against the general interest that they have an impact,” said Salim, one of the participants, before adding: “It was the occasion to show that we cannot resign ourselves to this dismantling, and to educate users “.

Actions took place in several French cities and in front of certain EDF sites on Tuesday, on the occasion of the call for a strike by the Interfederal (CGT, CFE-CGC, CFDT, FO). The CGT called more particularly its activists to coordinate locally to carry out actions.

– “Workers’ intelligence” –

Before going to the headquarters of LREM, the Ile-de-France cégétistes had made an appointment on Tuesday morning in a sports complex in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis).

This is where the organizers were able to distribute the material to the activists, shouting “Who doesn’t have his meter?” or even “Get your chasuble!”

Here too, the PCF deputy for Seine-Maritime Sébastien Jumel took the floor to congratulate himself on “worker intelligence” and “worker pride”, united for this action. “Through Hercules, it is the sovereignty of the nation that is at stake,” he added.

There finally that Cédric Liechtenstein mobilized the troops: “If we do not fight, everything will be taken away from us”, he warned before calling the agents present to get on the three buses which were waiting for them.

The message has passed: “We remain united, we do not allow ourselves to be done and we will not let ourselves be done until the end”, hammered Cédric, employee of Enedis and CGT insert.


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