Agathe Auproux opts for a beautiful super short, very hot dress that flies in the wind (PHOTOS)

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Agathe Auproux is a true professional on Instagram. Especially when it comes to creating a buzz with his fans. This time, Agathe Auproux creates the buzz thanks to two superb shots. The beauty is wearing a short, flowery dress and she does not hesitate to strike a pose while the wind is blowing. The fans of the star are crazy about her beauty, as always. Since her participation as a columnist in Do not touch My TV, Agathe Auproux benefits from a notoriety which is growing. Her fans follow her in all her adventures and she still manages to surprise them.

Agathe Auproux makes the buzz on Instagram with a new dress

Agathe Auproux seems to spend a lot of time in Monaco. And the reason would be sentimental. Rumors have it that the beauty has moved to her lover’s in the principality. A recent photo in his Instagram stories adds to the suspicion of his fans. She appears in fact hand in hand with a young man. But it is not on this subject that we are going to dwell here. No, we will focus on the outfits of the young woman. Because she once again made the buzz with one of her outfits. In fact, Agathe Auproux’s summer dress has made people talk again. The young woman wears on two of her last publications a short and flowery dress which does not leave her fans indifferent.

Devastating clichés, as always

You will see that the photos valent a deviation. Agathe Auproux strikes a pose by the sea, the wind lifting her dress and waving her hair. With his ember look as a bonus, fans are completely captivated.

Agathe Auproux is therefore in Monaco, taking a walk on the seaside. More precisely, according to the geolocation of the photo, she is in Monte-Carlo. The wind is blowing and she faces him. With one hand she holds the petticoats of her dress so as not to show too much of her long legs tanned. And with the other hand, she holds her hair which flutters in the wind. A pose that is not unlike that of Maryline Monroe when she posed above the vents of the subway in New York. But unlike Maryline Monroe, Agathe Auproux wears a colorful and short dress. Her dress is perfect for summer with floral patterns printed in hues of pink, red, green and white.

Two photos of Agathe Auproux in her little summer dress turn the heads of her fans

Indeed, that’s not all because for the following publication, Agathe Auproux decides to take a pose that highlights the neckline of her summer dress. What to complement the loss of the head of the subscribers of the star. They flood the young woman with compliments under each of these publications. Agathe Auproux enhances her outfit with a belt at the waist. What further sublimate her hourglass figure in this little outfit. Plus, she stays true to herself by matching her dress with wedge sneakers. A choice which is not to the taste of all its subscribers but which perfectly matches the style of the young woman.

The descriptions of Agathe Auproux’s photos are relevant and offbeat at the same time

As with each of her Instagram posts, Agathe Auproux adds a description that can make you smile. Of winks eye to his fans who also encourage discussion in the comments. Because Agathe Auproux is one of her stars of social networks who exchange with her subscribers. She takes the time to respond to the majority of them. Underneath the first photo of her in her summer dress, she then writes a message that suggests that she is convinced her fans are going to wonder who took the photo. She then stages a dialogue between Instagram and herself which will make her subscribers smile.

In this fictitious discussion, Instagram therefore congratulates the photographer for having captured the pose of the young woman at the ideal moment with the wind which lifts her dress and waves her hair. And Agathe Auproux replies that no one other than she took this photo. She then explains that she placed her cell phone against her handbag before setting a self-timer. And the last thing is that it only took the young woman one shot to achieve this result.

Always good words for the Instagram star

Under her second photo in her floral dress, Agathe Auproux writes that she has a song on repeat in her head. Another nod to his fans since they would have already spoken together in the stories of the young woman. She says she has The power of the flowers by Laurent Voulzy who turns in a loop in his head. The lyrics of this song are indeed heady. And for those who know her, they certainly have her in their heads now. Let’s stay ready for Agathe Auproux’s new publications which may once again create a buzz!


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