Agen. Florida is not doing too badly, but lacks prospects

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The Florida is worried about the lack of prospects, but he stands up against adversity by projecting himself and carrying out cultural and artistic accompaniment actions.

Florida is weakened by two confinements, but “for the moment, it is standing. It is not going too badly, assures Florent Beneteau, its director. It is not in danger even if we lack future prospects” . But for him, despite a team whose wings have been reduced and members on short-time work, the mobilization and determination are intact.

Staying in motion and strengthening artistic practice, cultural actions outside the walls for schoolchildren and instrumental lessons for minors, remain the main objectives for 2021 against all odds. Above all, the director is grateful to the public partners who still display unwavering support for Florida and who have not disengaged financially. But Florent Beneteau says he is worried about the future and he expresses his dismay in the name of a whole cultural sector which he considers to be taken for “the last wheel of the carriage”.

A look back at a year 2020 which had started well with the communications manager David Bailly.

It all started so well

“The season in January had started well with two musical awakening sessions for children, an exhibition opening in the bar of the illustrator Franëck and the first concert of the season with the group Super Parquet. Following the first confinement, Florida’s first reaction was to give artists a voice and put them in touch with an audience. Despite all the cancellations, we organized a festival in record time: Le Festival du Placard and its 9-hour music program in live on the Florida site and on social networks with local and international artists (New York, Reunion Island, Bilbao…) The Florida was the first French venue to organize an online festival during the first confinement.

As soon as it was possible to reopen the place with an adapted sanitary protocol, all activities resumed on the hats of wheels.

“The different audiences have shown a desire to resume lessons, afterworks, musical awakening or even concerts”.

Certain highlights, such as the Beatbox festival, left their mark. All the participants were able to travel from all over Europe to come and compete on the Florida stage. A festival broadcast live followed by tens of thousands of spectators from all over the world on Facebook and Youtube. The other concerts were sold out including Tim Dup, who was able to adapt by offering two performances in the same evening in order to allow as many people as possible to attend the concert despite the reduced gauge (in seated configuration, the Florida gauge goes from 750 places to 130 in distancing). Most of the cultural action projects carried out by Florida were also able to proceed normally, such as the creation of Radio Agglo accessible online in the form of a podcast.

130-seat concerts

But the task has become complex today due to lack of visibility. You should know that the organization of concerts is prepared months in advance and engages other actors (turners, production house, accommodation…). “To be ready to reopen, we continue to schedule groups and activities. A real headache for the programmer and the technical team. We do not have the slightest precise deadline, no vision on a possible reopening. Anyway, we are ready to welcome everyone back as soon as possible and given the many messages of support received since the first containment, the public is also on the starting blocks to experience things again with d ‘others! “. The rehearsal studios are no longer working.

The concert expected at the theater in partnership with Florida, by Fatoumata Diawara is canceled but it will be postponed as soon as possible.

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