Agents expect Patrik Laine and Jack Eichel to change teams in the next year

In these times when little is happening in the hockey world, it’s hardly surprising to see speculation about possible Bettman Tour deals coming back to the fore. It’s normal, it’s part of the game, and see some journalists insiders reporting such rumors is mouth watering for the teams concerned.

But when it comes to the player agents themselves, let’s say it’s still a little interesting.

Indeed, The Athletic continued to carry out its classic surveys, while this time, 21 agents took part in the game. On condition of anonymity, they answered seven burning questions in the world of hockey.

The most interesting question, in my opinion, is the one where the agents had to name the player they see most easily changing teams during the next year.

And I admit that the answers are very interesting.

Topping the list, Patrik Laine and Jack Eichel each garnered a total of four votes. This is hardly surprising in Laine’s case, since rumors keep raging in his case, but for Eichel, we talk about it less often. The arrival of Taylor Hall gives him another very talented player by his side, but obviously agents don’t expect that to change much.

Two Maple Leafs players follow, while Mitch Marner (three votes) and William Nylander (two votes) are mentioned due to the increasingly tight salary cap in Toronto.

Finally, a few other names are mentioned, but only once. Max Pacioretty, Marc-André Fleury, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are notably on this list, which follows rumors that have caused quite a stir in recent weeks.

It remains to be seen whether the teams will be ready to deal in these uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic, but all of these names have enough to attract CEOs. It will be very interesting to follow!

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