Agnès Buzyn in tears leaves her ministry: “It is a heartbreak”

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Moved to tears, Agnès Buzyn leaves the Ministry of Health. The now LREM candidate for mayor of Paris displayed her sadness during her handover speech with her successor Olivier Véran.

“Leaving this ministry is a heartbreak,” assured Agnès Buzyn, who takes over from Benjamin Griveaux for the municipal elections in Paris.

“I think of all of you, I think of my great team,” she explained, having to regularly take breaks between two sobs. “I have certainly lived one of the most beautiful human adventures, my gratitude is immense, my emotion expresses my gratitude and the admiration that I have for you all. It also translates my hope for the future of Paris which is so dear to my heart and I will be there, ”insisted the ex-minister.

In particular, she paid tribute to her successor who was present by her side. “I know you’re ready. Your appointment is not a surprise, “she said about the doctor who is like her.

“Paris needs kindness”

“We both share the same rigor, the same requirement,” she added as Olivier Véran arrives in the middle of a coronavirus crisis in particular.

The ex-minister then spoke about the municipal campaign in Paris. “The values ​​I have worn as a minister do not leave me, social justice, the attention given to the most fragile,” assured Agnès Buzyn.

“It’s a new start, everything is starting now,” she continued, applauded at length. “Paris needs appeasement,” she further explained the candidate.

VIDEO. Municipal: Agnès Buzyn announces her candidacy in Paris


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