Agrana: Marihart is leaving after almost 30 years


The CEO of Agrana Johann Marihart will retire in May after almost 30 years in his position. On Friday, Markus Mühleisen, a manager from Düsseldorf, was appointed as his successor.

The supervisory board appointed the 54-year-old Markus Mühleisen on Friday from June 1st as CEO of Agrana Beteiligungs-AG for three years. Marihart will retire on May 31st. He worked in this role for almost three decades.

“Sales increased sevenfold in the Marihart era”

“The successful development of Agrana is closely linked to Johann Marihart,” said Chairman of the Supervisory Board Erwin Hameseder. “Under his leadership, Agrana became an internationally successful industrial company. Sales increased sevenfold in the Marihart era. In addition to the successful expansion in Europe, the Development of the fruit business field to the central merits of Johann Marihart. “


Johann Marihart was CEO of Agrana for almost three decades

After completing his degree in technical chemistry in Vienna, Johann Marihart started his professional career in 1975 at the Leopoldsdorf sugar factory. In 1976 he moved to the Gmünd potato starch factory of what was then Österreichische Agrar-Industrie GmbH. In the course of the merger of Österreichische Agrar-Industrie GmbH with the newly structured sugar industry, Marihart became a member of the founding board of Agrana Beteiligungs-AG in 1988.

Milestones: Expansion and IPO

As its CEO, he played a decisive role in shaping Agrana from 1991: from the expansion of the initially national sugar and starch producer after the opening of the borders to Central and Eastern Europe in 1990, the IPO in 1991, to diversification with bioethanol and wheat starch as well as into the fruit sector .

Markus Mühleisen

Arla Foods

Markus Mühleisen will succeed Marihart from June

Mühleisen has been active in the food sector for 20 years

His successor Markus Mühleisen will, among other things, be responsible for communication, strategy, human resources and economic policy. For Erwin Hameseder, chairman of the supervisory board, who led the selection process, he has the best prerequisites for managing the Agrana Group: “He was successful in various management positions and has extensive international experience in the food and beverage industry.”

Mühleisen has been active in the food and luxury food sector for over 20 years, for example at Nestle, General Mills and, since 2018, with the international dairy group Arla Foods. According to a broadcast, he has extensive international management experience, particularly in the areas of marketing and strategy. “The Agrana Group is a strong, innovative and well-positioned company with a lot of potential,” said the future CEO. “I am very much looking forward to shaping the next chapter in the company’s success story with my colleagues on the Executive Board and the entire team. “

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