Agreement between Almeyda and the ANFP »DUPLOS

La Roja continues without a coach after Friday, the deadline set by the ANFP itself, but at least the list of candidates was reduced to one: Matías Almeyda.

The Argentine coach and the ANFP approached positions during the week, and according to La Tercera, they would already have a closed agreement.

Almeyda must unlock his exit from the San José Earthquakes of Major League Soccer before being made official as manager of the Red. Their presentation and the signing of the link will depend on that, which should extend until the end of the Qualifiers for Qatar 2022.

According to the same media, one of the most important points was salary. The former River and Lazio will earn 1.5 million dollars, and thus the 2.5 million dollars will be reduced that Reinaldo Rueda perceived.

Decrease the wage bill and reducing expenses was one of the reasons that Quilín argued to get rid of the Colombian in the middle of a process, and without having a closed replacement. A task that took longer than necessary, and that for now, is coming to an end.

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