agreement found on the departure conditions of La Roche-sur-Yon employees

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An agreement was reached between management and unions on the conditions of departure of the 619 employees of the Michelin factory in La Roche-sur-Yon which is to close its doors this year, management announced on Thursday 9 January.

We cannot say that we are satisfied, because inevitably, we always hope to have better, but overall, the measures are acceptable“, Commented Fabrice Herbreteau, CFE-CGC union representative. “This agreement does not prevent the anger that we may have over the closure of the site and the fact that Michelin makes a lot of profit and sacrifices factories to make even more profitability“, he said.

Employees will be assisted in their reclassification

Employees will benefit from a severance bonus of 40,000 euros gross to which will be added 500 euros per year of seniority. For those who wish to be relocated to another company, this severance pay will be non-taxable and Michelin undertakes to compensate the difference in salary up to 400 euros gross per month for three years. A private practice is also responsible for assisting them with a view to reclassification. Training aid of up to 10,000 euros and aid for business creation are also planned.

For Nicolas Biron, SUD delegate, “all these indemnities will never fully compensate for the damage suffered by employees, the loss of their jobs“. “We tried to obtain maximum compensation in relation to all of this, we started fairly low on job protection plan amounts, and we were able to obtain 40% more in the overall envelope“, He congratulated himself.

Of the 619 employees, a hundred should choose to stay internally and go to work at another site of the group. They will receive severance pay, but it will be taxable. Michelin undertakes to finance their move and to financially help spouses who give up their work in Vendée. Finally, around 90 employees, who will be retired by January 1, 2026, must take advantage of the age measure: they will receive 75% of their gross salary per month, until retirement.



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