Agthia announces the launch of a $54 million corporate venture capital fund

2023-07-12 20:43:57

Agthia Group announced the launch of the corporate venture capital fund “Agthia Ventures”, which aims to expand the group’s capabilities to innovate, generate mutual value with emerging companies, and ensure that it continues to secure sources of growth and enhance profitability in both current and future markets.

The fund will be managed in cooperation with Touchdown Ventures, the world leader in establishing and operating venture capital fund programs for large companies, which includes more than 100 completed investment projects in its portfolio so far, and is co-financed by Agthia Group and the Holding Company. (ADQ), an investment holding company in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The fund, which relies on Agthia’s four decades of experience, will contribute to establishing a program to help the best distinguished entrepreneurs in the field of food, to expand their scope of operations and accelerate the development of their products and their adoption in the markets, through the exchange of experiences, the diversification of different distribution networks, and the development of infrastructure. technological infrastructure, strengthening research and development capabilities, in addition to developing marketing areas and developing solid relationships with customers.

Touchdown Ventures’ mission is to leverage its extensive network of startups, its multiple relationships in the venture capital sector, incubators, and accelerators, to identify attractive investment opportunities in the early stages of establishment and growth, and to present unique investment opportunities for Agthia Group in the markets it is targeting to enter.

The fund will review the investment proposals put forward, regardless of their stages, as the investment will be mainly in companies that achieve remarkable growth in revenues, in line with Agthia Group’s strategies to develop markets and products.

Investments will focus on brands, product categories, and solutions that will develop the group’s portfolio and increase efficiency. For example, the focus will be on brands operating within the snack food sector, and general start-ups in the field of ingredient technology; The targeted investments include companies that will contribute to the growth of the snacks and beverages sector, water with functional properties and various benefits in addition to its role in hydration, alternative proteins and supplements, sustainability solutions in agriculture and packaging, as well as e-commerce solutions for the food and beverage industry, and sectors with capacity development. Link to the value chain of the Agthia Group.

Alan Smith, CEO of Agthia Group, said: “Innovation is one of the basic and important elements of the Agthia Group, and plays a major role in our strategic vision that aims to achieve leadership in the field of food and beverages in the Middle East and North Africa region and beyond by 2025, and the launch of a venture capital fund for companies came in conjunction with With internal research and development initiatives in the group, to enable us to access advanced technologies, and see the latest market insights from various entrepreneurs, which will enhance future growth, and increase our ability to meet the needs of consumers in our multiple areas of work, and Agthia will provide its wide experience in products, markets and distribution to entrepreneurs, to support them in achieving greater success.

Scott Linnett, President and Co-Founder of Ventures Touchdown, said: “We believe that entrepreneurs – globally – will be positively affected by Agthia’s culture of collaboration and support, and the Agthia team has a lot to offer innovative entrepreneurs in the food and beverage field, in order to achieve Benefit from the group’s strong distribution network in the Middle East and North Africa region, or work collaboratively to benefit from its experience in the North American and European markets.WAM

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