Ahmad Mansour on Islamist attacks: fanaticism out of hurt

Wrage and violence seem to erupt from an ideological volcano. Terrorist alarm in Vienna on Monday evening, about terrorists shooting each other in front of a synagogue and in the city center. We still know little about the background to the murders in Vienna. But it stands to reason that the perpetrators acted from a motivation similar to that in Dresden, Nice and Paris. Since the end of October in a Paris suburb, the teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded by a fanatical Islamist, anger, outrage and hatred have swelled in Islamist communities worldwide. A whole series of outbreaks are sweeping Europe. The current mood acts as a fire accelerator. To respond with compromises and concessions would be a sign of weakness – and a betrayal of what Europe is all about.

Many Muslims around the world feel offended in their religious feelings. With French President Emmanuel Macron, the journal “Charlie Hebdo”, with cartoons that do what is supposedly forbidden and violate supposed taboos. The hurt runs deep, the injury is felt to be real. People take to the streets, protesting, calling for action and boycott of French goods, posting anti-French slogans on social media. Others want to take revenge directly by defending their prophet and their faith through violence and terror to atone for their offense.


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