Ahmed Yahya sharply attacks the commission following the “partial” validation of his candidacy (Document)

In a long letter addressed to the African Football Confederation (Caf), the president of the Mauritanian football federation and candidate for the presidency of the Caf, Ahmed Yahya sharply attacked the commission responsible for validating the candidatures. The said commission, after having announced the validation of the files of Augustin Senghor (Senegal) and Jacques Anouma (Ivory Coast), had “partially” validated the files of the South African Patrice Motsepe and the principal concerned, Ahmed Yahya. The latter did not hesitate to make known the substance of his thoughts, considering that he had been unjustly wronged and the victim of an illegal and discourteous procedure. Here is the full letter of his letter …

“I learned with indignant amazement that my application would be subject to ‘partial validation’. I will not come back to the lack of delicacy, the lack of sobriety, the lack of moderation and courtesy with regard to my candidacy. There is also no point in reminding that we have precise rules that govern the functioning of CAF and that the electoral process in no way justifies their being radically violated, quite the contrary. “

“I had thus, in 20 years of management in football, naively considered that article 18 in its point 8 prohibited, for example, this kind of practices. I will not go back either to the manifest violation of article 44 of the statutes of CAF and of the chronogram relating to the electoral process emanating from the decisions taken by the Executive Committee on September 10. But could we really tolerate it without compromising the future of CAF in the long term? The imprudent communication around partial, partial elements say some, of which I became aware through the press, a decision which was notified to me the day after the press release, is a decision which denotes a total lack of discernment and harms obviously to the institution which you are responsible for and which is so dear to me. “

“You will understand from the moment that I officially seize you to assess whether, in your opinion, such a communication complies with the customs and rules of CAF and if it reflects the treatment that will be reserved for my candidacy throughout the electoral process aiming to elect our next President? Without even knowing the content of the reasons for partial validation, I can say that they can only be incidental. I am also astonished that this communication takes place opportunely before the official date previously announced. Wasn’t there enough time to settle these administrative questions? “

“However, the interpretation of this announcement by observers leads one to think that I am ineligible, which also allows some candidates to start their campaign and promote themselves to voters while waiting for me for the scheduled audience. January 28, or 21 days after your press release which implicitly kicks off the electoral campaign to some of the candidates at the expense of others. This is nothing that can closely or remotely resemble the equal treatment of candidates guaranteed by our statutes, which I know you will be keen to ensure strictly respected. “

“This lightness in the communication around the electoral process seems intolerable to me, both in terms of the principles of our regulations and in terms of ethics, and also reflects a diminished conception of the CAF which cannot be honored to reserve a treatment inequitable to candidatures for its Presidency. What value will the word of the next president of CAF have if the electoral process is thus already marred by suspicion? “

“These serious dysfunctions which I cannot believe are maneuvers, as already stated
many wise observers of the world of football, not only damage my honor, but also that of CAF, which we cannot accept. “

“Moreover, I was able to note that certain members of the governance committee did not take part in the decisions and
examining the applications of the same nationality. However, what about the presence of these same members in the consideration of competing applications? “

“I am now awaiting the direction that CAF intends to take under your responsibility in order to clarify and restore as quickly as possible the seriously damaging damage caused to my candidacy and to the reputation of our common institution.


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