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Artificial intelligence is one of the advanced branches of computer science, through which computer systems and programs are developed, and the ability to extract and analyze data through advanced mathematics, in order to produce modern technical devices capable of understanding the human mind.

When was artificial intelligence invented?

The first substantial work in the field of artificial intelligence was done by the British mathematician and computer pioneer Alan Turing, as Turing announced in 1950 that one day there would be a machine that could match human intelligence in every way and prove it by passing a specialized test, and in this test it will be Asking a computer and a human, hidden from view, random identical questions, and if the computer succeeds, the questioner will not be able to distinguish the machine from the person with the answers.

By the early 2000s, no AI program came close to passing the Turing test, yet some programs had achieved the performance levels of human experts in performing some specific tasks. In this limited sense, AI can be found in applications as diverse as medical diagnosis, language translation, and design. Computer and voice or handwriting recognition.

Since the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence is to create computers that can think, as humans do, some supporters of artificial intelligence have suggested that computers should be modeled after the human brain, which consists mainly of a network of neurons. The first artificial neural network was developed in 1954. When the goal of strong AI was a system approximating human intelligence shared by many, and in the early 2000s artificial neural networks were capable of a range of complex tasks including recognizing faces and other objects from visual data but optimism about achieving strong AI I give way to appreciate the extreme difficulties involved.

Some artificial intelligence researchers have asserted that true intelligence simply involves the ability to operate in a real environment. This approach, known as new artificial intelligence, was pioneered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Australian scientist Rodney Brooks. One famous example of new artificial intelligence is the mobile robot. Herbert by Brooks, which was designed to roam an office space, collecting and disposing of empty soda cans. Since Herbert’s revelation in the late 1980s, Brooks and his students have designed other robots to clear minefields and explore Mars, as well as a humanoid robot named Cog, whose knowledge is increasingly enhanced by its interactions with The environment.

Types of artificial intelligence

Narrow artificial intelligence: It is the intelligence that specializes in one field. For example, there are artificial intelligence systems that can beat the world champion in the game of chess, which is the only thing they do.

General artificial intelligence: This type refers to computers with the level of human intelligence in all fields, that is, it can perform any intellectual task that a person can do. Designing this type of intelligence is much more difficult than narrow artificial intelligence, and until today it has not reached this level yet.

Artificial Superintelligence: Thought that is far smarter than the best human minds in almost every field including scientific creativity, general wisdom, and social skills.

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