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Entertainment Center / Reported by Lin Tingyu

Ai Fukuhara will serve as the commentator for the men’s and women’s pool singles and pool mixed doubles finals of the Tokyo Olympics on Fuji TV today (26). It is also her first appearance after the divorce. However, since the opening ceremony, she has been constantly emphasizing that she is looking forward to the performance of the Chinese and Japanese teams. Now she will be faced with commenting on this gold-winning “China-Japan war”, making the outside world more curious about her interpretation.

▲Fukuhara Ai has been paying close attention to the Chinese team since the opening of the Olympic Games. (Picture/Retrieved from Fukuhara Ai’s Weibo)

According to the Japanese media “Sports Japan”, the retired star Ai Fukuhara will present Dong Olympic table tennis today (26), that is, men’s singles and women’s singles from 1:30 to 4:30 in Taiwan time, as well as mixed games from 7 to 9 o’clock in the evening. The double gold race, this is also her first public event since her divorce at the beginning of this month.

However, since the opening of the Olympics, Ai Fukuhara has not only expressed her support for the Chinese and Japanese teams on many occasions, and even her best friend “Wen Meizi” (Chinese billiard player Liu Shiwen) will also play the Japanese team in today’s billiards mixed doubles match. Her heart and soul, how to express her standpoint and make rhetoric by then, has also become the focus of public attention.

▲ Ai Fukuhara will comment on the Sino-Japanese war as a commentator today. (Information photo/provided by Huayan International)

In fact, Ai Fukuhara recently expressed her views on the Olympics through the Japanese media “Daily Sports”. Ai Fukuhara said, “This is the first time she has watched the Olympic Games broadcast from the perspective of an audience after she retired from the game. When holding the flag, I remembered how she was responsible for holding the flag when she participated in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.” In addition, she did not forget to inject confidence into the Japanese team: she is quite optimistic that the Japanese team will definitely win cards in the table tennis tournament and will not let the audience. Disappointed.

But as soon as this interview came out, the Japanese netizens did not pay the bill. Not only did they oppose her choosing to come back at this moment, but she only dared to post on Weibo for the first time, and now she returned to her hair to express the article, she wanted to cleanse her image and rebuild her image, and she couldn’t accept Ai Fukuhara. I would rather stay in Japan as an narrator than go back to Taiwan to visit my children.

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