AI has spawned an explosion in demand for computing power, and the paving of the “highway” of the computing network is speeding up——From the 2023 China Computing Power Conference to see the new trend of industrial development domeet webmaster

2023-08-21 05:32:01

AI has spawned an explosion in demand for computing power, and the “highway” of the computing network has been paved faster——From the 2023 China Computing Power Conference to see the new trend of industrial development

The large-scale model algorithm promotes the development of artificial intelligence in a more general direction, driving a sharp increase in the demand for intelligent computing power; building 130 trunk optical cables around computing power hub nodes, greatly improving data transmission performance; the industrial chain continues to expand, and the output of computing products such as servers and computers is global First… The 2023 China Computing Power Conference held in Yinchuan, Ningxia recently revealed new progress and new trends in the development of the computing power industry, highlighting that computing power has become an important cornerstone of the digital and intelligent transformation of the whole society.

From scientific research to industrial production, to people’s food, housing and transportation, computing power is penetrating into every aspect of production and life like water and electricity. In recent years, a series of important policy measures have been introduced from the central government to the local government, and a large number of major engineering projects have been implemented to promote the rapid development of the computing power industry.

Jin Zhuanglong, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, gave a set of latest data at the conference. Up to now, the total scale of data center racks in use in the country has exceeded 7.6 million standard racks, and the total scale of computing power has reached 1.97 trillion floating-point operations per second (197 EFLOPS), ranking second in the world. The computing power industry has begun to take shape, and the output of computing products such as servers, computers, and smartphones ranks first in the world.

In particular, the development of artificial intelligence technology such as AI large models has triggered further growth in computing power demand. According to the “China Comprehensive Computing Power Index (2023)” released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology at the conference, in the current computing power scale, the general computing power scale accounts for 74%; the intelligent computing power scale accounts for 25%, a year-on-year 60% increase.

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“This reflects that the development of large models plays a very important role in promoting artificial intelligence computing power.” Yu Xiaohui, president of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, believes that my country’s computing power structure is optimized, and the demand for intelligent computing power is showing explosive growth.

Liang Hua, chairman of Huawei, also believes that in recent years, industries such as autonomous driving, life medicine, and intelligent manufacturing have developed rapidly, and the ensuing ultra-large-scale artificial intelligence models and massive data have continuously increased requirements for computing power, which is suitable for large-scale model training. The intelligent computing power has become the main driving force for the growth of computing power.

The reporter noticed that with the surge in demand for intelligent computing power, Duofang is further increasing the supply of high-performance intelligent computing, accelerating the breakthrough of key technologies, and stimulating the empowerment effect of AI computing power.

Jin Zhuanglong said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will continue to optimize the infrastructure layout. Further improve the top-level design of high-quality development of computing power facilities, strengthen the overall planning of computing power resources, increase the supply of high-performance intelligent computing, increase the reliability of computing power networks, and improve the level of efficient and intensive utilization.

Enterprises have also stepped up artificial intelligence innovation and promoted the upgrading of computing power infrastructure.

In Zhongwei City, Ningxia, the “China Unicom Smart Computing, Training and Promotion Integrated Zhongwei Hub Construction Action Plan” was officially launched a few days ago. During the conference, the staff of China Unicom introduced that the first integrated hub node of intelligent computing, training and promotion in the west will be built here. After completion, it will realize the integrated service supply of AI training and promotion, and promote the development of intelligent computing industry in Ningxia and the western region.

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At the same time, China Telecom is strengthening the independent research and development of artificial intelligence framework, algorithm model and dispatching platform, building the Galaxy AI algorithm platform, and jointly developing industry large models and intelligent applications with partners. China Mobile System promotes the integration and innovation of general computing, intelligent computing, supercomputing, and quantum computing, and starts the construction of Asia’s largest single intelligent computing center.

“The construction of computing power infrastructure is in the ascendant. While accelerating the construction of national hub nodes and large data centers, the importance of edge computing power infrastructure is highlighted.” Zhang Zhiyong, chairman of China Tower, said that he will continue to improve the public computing power layout and provide AI-based Edge intelligent computing of software and hardware, and edge computing power sharing services expand the supply of computing power and promote the realization of ubiquitous computing power and omnipotent intelligence.

The realization of “computing power everywhere” is inseparable from the support of the computing power network. Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Bureau of Statistics show that at present, my country has built 130 trunk optical cables around computing power hub nodes, and the data transmission performance has been greatly improved. In the first half of this year, my country’s investment in new information infrastructure such as 5G and data centers increased by 13.1%, and investment in new integrated infrastructure such as industrial Internet and smart transportation increased by 34.1%.

Industry insiders believe that in practice, computing power heterogeneity and software incompatibility are common. Connecting existing computing power centers with different architectures through the network can rationally configure, share, schedule, release more computing power, and lower the application threshold.

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“In order for computing power to exert its maximum effectiveness and directly affect GDP, two technical problems must be solved: one is that large-scale computing power centers across the country need direct connections with ultra-broadband and ultra-low-latency networks; the other is computing power scheduling. ” said Gao Wen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

During the conference, China Mobile joined hands with multiple supercomputing centers, intelligent computing centers, and cloud service providers to jointly launch the largest “Baichuan” computing power grid connection operation in the country. According to reports, the platform realizes a map of the national computing network to simultaneously perceive and access four types of computing power: general computing, smart computing, super computing and quantum computing, and cooperates with a number of national super computing, authoritative smart computing, and top cloud providers to carry out network integration. Cooperate with CETC and Bose Quantum to complete the grid connection of optical quantum computing. At present, the platform has a total computing power supply capacity of over 10EFLOPS.

“We hope to provide a new computing power supply model and build a unified computing power network, so that the computing power network can be obtained immediately like a power grid.” Wang Xiaoyun, chief scientist of China Mobile, said.

Industry insiders pointed out that the process of digitalization, networking, and intelligence in various fields has been accelerating, driving the demand for computing power services to grow exponentially, and expanding the rich diversity of computing network development. As the layout of my country’s computing power network continues to be optimized, the country’s computing power resources will be further revitalized, and the computing power empowerment effect will be further released, pushing the digital economy to a new level. (Reporter Guo Qian and intern Bi Yixun)

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