Aid of 150 euros paid at the end of November to 1.1 million young people

Financial aid for young people in precarious situations is the announcement that the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, had planned to make during the presentation of “Act II of the poverty strategy” initially scheduled for this Saturday. But due to the assassination of a teacher in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), this plan aimed at the most modest has been postponed for a few days.

In an interview with “Sunday newspaper” published this Sunday, Jean Castex chose to announce, without further delay, an exceptional aid of 150 euros “paid to 400,000 young beneficiaries of APL and scholarship students”. The latter, numbering 700,000, should all benefit from this sum, the Prime Minister’s entourage told us. In total, it is therefore 1.1 million young people who should receive this aid, the payment of which will take place “at the end of November”, indicates Matignon.

Close a controversy

During his televised interview on Wednesday evening, President Emmanuel Macron had already announced “exceptional aid of 150 euros plus 100 euros per child” for “the beneficiaries of the RSA (Income of active solidarity) as for all those receiving APL (personalized aid housing) – which suddenly affects 18-25 year olds ”. But the next day, the Prime Minister’s entourage backpedaled, indicating that only beneficiaries of the RSA and the Specific Solidarity Allowance (ASS, for the unemployed at the end of their rights) would receive this boost of 150 euros.

VIDEO. Emmanuel Macron announces a bonus for beneficiaries of RSA or APL

The beneficiaries of the APL, them, were to receive only the premium of 100 euros per child. Young people, who do not benefit from the RSA, were therefore excluded from the measure. What to jump up associations fighting against precariousness, while, according to the Observatory of Inequalities, a million 18-29 year olds live below the poverty line. It is even the “age category for which the increase has been the strongest over the past fifteen years: their poverty rate climbed from 8.2% to 12.5% ​​between 2002 and 2018, i.e. an increase of 50%. % ”, Points out the Observatory.

“The government needs to reframe the shot,” said the general delegate of the Abbé Pierre Foundation, Christophe Robert. It is therefore done. If “the choice of the President of the Republic” was to “promote integration through work”, closing the door to the request of actors in the field to establish a young RSA, “we are also fully aware of the fact that when An economic crisis arises, it first and foremost affects precarious people and young people, ”insisted Jean Castex, who also announced the advancement of the winter break from this Sunday instead of November 1.

A young plan of 6.7 billion euros over two years

The government is putting on the plan 1 young 1 solution launched at the end of July, amounting to 6.7 billion euros over two years, “never seen” according to the Prime Minister. What does he foresee, when the 800,000 job cuts planned for 2020 by the Banque de France hardly encourage optimism? In addition to the 4,000 euros intended for employers to promote 450,000 recruitments by January 2021 and the 100,000 additional places in civic service, this plan provides for 300,000 “integration pathways” for young people furthest from employment and 200,000 additional places in training.

For young people who fail in higher education, 100,000 new qualifying or pre-qualifying training courses will be offered “in the professions of the future”. In addition, “assisted contracts” in the commercial sector, abolished in 2017 by the new majority, will be re-established, targeting them on young people furthest from employment. Finally, they will be 50,000 in 2021 to benefit from the Youth Guarantee, an integration scheme managed by the local Missions for young people without employment or training with reinforced support for one year with a monthly allowance of 497 euros.

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