Aida Mbodj calls for the list of beneficiaries of the Der

Aida Mbodj calls for the list of beneficiaries of the Der

During the vote on the 2021 finance law, MP Aida Mbodj questioned the transparency of the funding of the Delegation for Rapid Entrepreneurship (Der). She asks the coordinator Papa Amadou Sarr to proceed with the publication of the list of funding recipients.

“We deplore the lack of transparency contrary to what the coordinator had initially promised. He declares to have financed 57 billion FCFA in Dakar while we cannot see the impact of this financing, ”Aida Mbodj immediately launched.

Moreover, she continues, women leaders and so many other organizations have asked for the list of beneficiaries, but so far nothing has been done. She informs that she asked the coordinator Papa Amadou Sarr to show the list of Senegalese who have benefited from the funding.

According to her, the coordinator of the Der argued that the funding was given to those who took the canoes to reach Europe. And everyone knows that most of the young people who took the canoes died at sea. Which means that there will be “no proof in relation to such a light argument”.

“I also ask for the evaluation of funding, and impact studies. Because today, young people are deprived of funding, not to mention the floods. Now they only have the canoes left to reach Europe. They don’t see anything at all. You have to be accountable. There is a partisan management of the Der. The funding only benefits activists, ”Aïda Mbodj proclaims.

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