Aids-Hilfe Schweiz launches campaign against discrimination – TOP ONLINE

With the “Stop Discrimination!” Campaign According to a statement on Thursday, Aids-Hilfe Schweiz wants to make the population aware that HIV-positive people do not infect anyone under successful therapy, neither in everyday life nor during sex.

A lack of knowledge about HIV still leads to discrimination such as the refusal of daily allowance insurance or the refusal of treatment by a dental hygienist.

Aids-Hilfe Schweiz receives around a hundred reports of discrimination every year. But the organization assumes a high number of unreported cases and expects at least ten times more cases. “This means that every day three people in Switzerland are discriminated against because of a treatable disease,” Aids-Hilfe-CEO Andreas Lehner is quoted in the message.

More important than ever

In the year 2020, which is dominated by Corona, World AIDS Day is more important than ever. Because right now people must be reminded that HIV still exists. The awareness-raising and educational work in the population must be continued.

Aids-Hilfe Schweiz points out that HIV can now be treated in such a way that no viral load can be detected. Infection is thus excluded. This means that HIV-positive people today under successful therapy do not have to do without relationships, sex or family. Their life expectancy is similar to that of people without HIV.

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