Ainhoa ​​Arteta remembers the sexual assault she suffered in New York

They started in Tolosa, in his hometown, a place where he is unable to sleep due to the amount of memories it brings to him. There Ainhoa ​​Arteta revealed that the first album he heard was ‘Carmen’, «My father gave it to me», he pointed out. And it is that from a very young age music accompanies her “I don’t think I liked the music, I think the music liked me,” he told Samanta Villar, host of the unique journey that led her to recall the iron discipline with which her father, José Ramón, educated her in music. “Every day she did half an hour of vocalization and another half of singing with her companions,” described the parent who never dreamed that her daughter would reach that high. “I don’t want to die to continue listening to her,” he said.

“When he was severe he hated him deeply,” the diva asserted about her father, but time took her to understand his methods and his rigor. “The 50,000 pesetas he earned per month were for his musical education,” explained the proud father of the investment. Tears surfaced when he remembered his mother, «the angel of the house», they held a duo. One of the most difficult moments for Arteta was his dismissal. “I sang at her funeral because she asked me to,” she evoked excitedly.

After her first steps in her land, the artist moved to New York to consolidate her career there. “I worked sewing to earn the money that the classes cost me,” he illustrated. She was then placed as a caregiver for her American teacher’s daughter, Melinda. And the girl, now an adult, wanted to send him a video dedicating some nice words to them. “I learned English by watching Disney movies with her,” the singer discovered. But the city of skyscrapers was also a hard blow for the interpreter. “One day I came back from taking care of Melinda and someone followed me from the subway and snuck into my apartment,” she began to describe. The harsh sequence negatively marked the interviewee. “It was very hard and unpleasant. I was paralyzed. Then the police told me that I was lucky because they had not killed me, “he settled. The aggression has left serious consequences for the artist. “I never go for a walk at night on the trips I take,” he narrated, “and with sexuality my partners have had to be very patient.”

After the bad drink, the journey continued to approach Tolosa, where Arteta exhibited her skills with scissors. “If she hadn’t been a singer, she would be a hairdresser,” she proudly declared after combing several clients. Her aunt Conchu Ibarrolaburu and her friends Nekane, Matxalen and Asun shared anecdotes. “She has always been a crazy head,” defined her youth colleagues. “Once we ended up hanging from a ravine for following some guys,” they said, laughing. The adventure served to uncover the soprano’s love for Eurovision. “I knew all the songs before the contest started,” declared a woman who has been married four times and has two children. “When I lost my voice I thought about doing a television program about operas,” he announced, “fortunately I got it back.”

In her trade, many called her ‘the Top Model of the lyric’, a nickname that she did not like at all. “Sometimes it was trivialized with that, but I was very clear that it was not there for cute”, he maintained. And he added: “Now the physicist is rewarded more because the cinema has entered, and that hurts me because I am older.” Nothing happens because if Artea can boast of something, it is tenacity and audacity. “They call me Lady Cork because God doesn’t sink me,” he resolved with art.


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