Air Canada suspends flights from Prince Rupert and Kamloops

The airline Air Canada has announced that it will cut a number of its routes starting January 23, putting at risk about 1,700 jobs across the country for the first quarter of 2021.

Air Canada’s decision is part of the restructuring of the company in accordance with its mitigation and recovery plan following the COVID-19 pandemic. In a statement, the airline indicates that this will reduce “approximately 25% of its planned capacity for the first quarter of 2021».

As a result of these system-wide changes, 1,700 jobs will be lost, and nearly 200 employees at its Express carrier will be affected. The airline claims that it “works with its unions on mitigation programs».

The other routes affected are those departing from Yellowknife, of Fredericton.

Flights between Gander and Happy Valley-Goose Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador and Halifax in Nova Scotia, as well as those between Saint John, Newfoundland and Labrador and Toronto are also canceled.

A huge disappointment

Ed Ratuski, general manager of Kamloops airport, expects these flight suspensions to remain in effect until March.

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For his part, the mayor of Kamloops, Ken Christian, said to himself “more than disappointed»To see the cancellation of the only direct air connection between his city and Vancouver.

«When you have companies like the British Columbia Lottery Corporation having their provincial headquarters in Kamloops, it is simply unimaginable that you have no air access so they can move employees back and forth.“, did he declare.

The municipality is in talks with Pacific Coastal Airlines, Central Mountain Air and WestJet to see if they can fill the void.

A vital service in Prince Rupert

The City of Prince Rupert does not hide its disappointment either, according to its administrator, Rosa Miller.

There is “significant growth opportunitiesIn what is Canada’s third largest port, she said. She considers these travel interruptions to mean “a disruption of Canada’s growing global business interestsAnd the province’s economic recovery.

Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce President Michelle Boomars-MacNeill said discussions began Wednesday morning to try to convince Air Canada to reverse its decision, while there is still time.

Air Canada says it will contact customers affected by the cancellations and will be offered several options, including refunds or alternate routes, if applicable.

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