Air cargo prices and volume rise, China Airlines’ April revenue hits new high after the epidemic-Free Finance

China Airlines’ April revenue hit a record high since the epidemic. (Provided by China Airlines)

[Reporter Wang Yihong/Taipei Report]Benefiting from the increase in air cargo prices, China Airlines’ April revenue was 10.873 billion yuan, a 4% increase in monthly and 30.66% annual growth, setting a new high after the epidemic.

Among China Airlines’ April revenue, cargo operation revenue reached 9.604 billion yuan, which also hit a record high, with passenger operation revenue of 638 million yuan. The cumulative revenue from January to April was 38.665 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 4.99%.

In fact, air cargo has now become the main operating force of China Airlines. Market participants have pointed out that the current air freight rates are three cities a day, saying that China Airlines relies on cargo to print money.

China Airlines cooperated with the launch of the “Clear Project 2.0” of the Central Epidemic Command Center. China Airlines pointed out that the “Clear Project 2.0” is not a complete grounding. In order to protect the lifeblood of the industry, cargo routes are the priority for scheduling flights, and Taiwan imports and exports within a short time. The reduction in transportation capacity will affect the delivery time of goods, and some flights will also cancel passengers.

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