Air Italy, Enac suspends the air transport license

The National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) has suspended Air Italy’s air transport license. The former Sundial relaunched in spring 2018 with 49% of Qatar Airways it is over in liquidation good last February 11th – before the outbreak of the health emergency – from 25 August it can no longer embark passengers by law. what can be seen from the ENAC bulletin consulted by Courier service. The company born in Costa Smeralda and with a hub in Milan Malpensa for intercontinental flights thus becomes the second Italian carrier with the authorization suspended in just over seven months: January 13 it was the turn of low cost Ernest (which is still working on returning to service with a new business plan).

The consequences

It is not clear why ENAC took this decision, nor is it clear what will become of the precious assets left by the carrier, starting with the slots at Milan Linate airport. At the time of publication of the article, the National Civil Aviation Authority had not yet answered the questions of the Courier service. One of the first consequences could be the shifting of the flights of the Spanish company Iberia which from 1 September – as can be seen from the weekly schedule – transfers the routes IB3251 and IB3255 to Malpensa airport: the company used some of the slots loaned by Air Italy.

The documents

In general, the documentation of a company consisting of a Coa (Air Operator Certificate) and an operating license. The Coa – as ENAC explains – certifies that the airline possesses the professional skills and business organization necessary to ensure the operation of its aircraft in safe conditions. Once issued, it needs an operating license which allows a company to carry out the air transport of passengers, mail and / or goods for consideration in the manner indicated in the license itself.

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In May 2018, on the occasion of the delivery of the first 737 Max, Al Baker had told al Courier service that Air Italy would hire ten thousand people and announce a major expansion plan. But the first year of activity in its new Sardinian-Qatari role (51% of Alisarda of the founder Aga Khan and 49% of the Doha carrier), Air Italy had it closed with a loss of 164 million euros. The following year, the losses increased to nearly 200 million (198 million in liabilities). Faced with a possible recapitalization the two partners ended up at loggerheads up to declaring the liquidation of the company in bonis. In the summer there were at least two videoconference meetings between the liquidators and the trade unions on the fate of the 1,453 employees to whom the government guaranteed ten months of layoffs through the August decree. But in parallel the ipter for collective dismissal was restarted.

Air Italy, Enac suspends the air transport license

Italian carriers

After its liquidation, the former Meridiana returned the rented Boeing 737s and Airbus A330s one after the other and was left without its own aircraft. With the suspension of the Air Italy license, national carriers are reduced to five which are actually four: Alitalia and its regional CityLiner division (both in extraordinary administration since 2 May 2017), Blue Panorama (of the Uvet group), Neos (of the Alpitour group) and Air Dolomiti (of the German Lufthansa group).

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