Air pollution leads to depression and anxiety.. Tips to reduce its risks

Air pollution affects mental health just as it affects your physical health, as clean air lifts your mood while polluted air makes you feel frustrated, clean air also helps you deal with anxiety and depression, gives you confidence and increases your intake oxygenand increases the vital capacity of your lungs to regulate breathing, and enjoying some sunlight can also give a positive touch to your mood, according to the “Health” website.

Effects of air pollution on mental health

Research on the neuroprotective effects of air pollution has found that increased brain inflammation from exposure to particulate matter, along with increased levels of cytokines, increases the risk of anxiety and depression.

Pollution particles can pass from the lungs into the blood and in some cases travel through the olfactory nerve axon to the brain.

When toxic elements in the air enter the human body, they directly affect the central nervous system. This is also a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Many neurons in the brain malfunction due to breathing in toxic air. Those who are exposed to a high level of toxic air can also suffer from bipolar disorder, personality disorder, and depression.

Deep breathing to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety

Doing deep breathing exercises every day helps improve the function of your nervous system and activate your whole being.

It helps empty your lungs through breathing. Viruses, germs and microbes are not incubated, so they do not integrate or reproduce.

When we do breathing exercises, it generates heat in the sinuses and kills viruses and germs.

And the adenoids located behind the nose, which are the lymph veins, drain out everything unwanted and stay healthy.

Ways to reduce the risk of psychological disorders resulting from air pollution

Here’s what you can do to reduce the risk of mental health problems caused by air pollution:

Eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients helps in strengthening the immune system.

Doing physical exercise even at home if the person is unable to go out helps to strengthen the body and mind.

Sleep well and help repair and restore health.

Treatment can also be sought from a specialist in mental health problems.

– Stay away from polluted areas.

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