Economy air transport strongly impacted

air transport strongly impacted


Published on : 2/15/2020 – 11:08

The coronavirus paralyzes air traffic. The epidemic has killed more than 1,500 people worldwide and is spreading faster and faster outside of China, in particular due to international flights. The closure of airports and the cancellation of certain flights are starting to affect airline revenues.

Four to five billion dollars is what airlines have cost the coronavirus since the epidemic began in December. To combat the spread of the disease, many companies have cut back on trade with China.

Air France, Delta, British Airways and around fifty other companies have even canceled all connections with the country since the end of January. As a result, Chinese tourists desert airports and planes lose 40% of their clientele.

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World News :

The impact of coronavirus on neighboring countries

The coronavirus affects, even more severely, Asian companies. Quarantines and travel bans, imposed by the government of Xi Jinping, weigh on air traffic.

In China, three-quarters of the planes are grounded and domestic flights are almost all canceled. A situation that directly affects neighboring countries.

In the absence of Chinese travelers, Japan and the Thailand could lose more than a billion dollars in tourism revenue in 2020.



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