AirAsia Teleports Strengthen Key Routes with the 737-800 freighter and the custom A320 aircraft.

Teleport Logistics Business of AirAsia Digital reinforces its position as an air transport service provider in the Asia region. It is ready for service with the first freighter Boeing 737-800F and has also been modified to remove the seats of the A320 passenger aircraft to be able to carry two more aircraft to increase the full cargo capacity.

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The cargo plane will be available to customers across Asia from Q3 2021, with a base of operations in Bangkok. as a center for products distributed throughout the region which covers networks to China, India and South East Asian countries. Including the development and expansion of flight routes to the more distant markets of the teleport as well.

The two Airbus A320s with their seats removed will be stationed in Malaysia and Thailand. from strategic hubs in both Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok This will enable the teleports to quickly provide freight services to key markets such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Yangon. The modification of the Airbus A320 in Malaysia was carried out by Asia Digital Engineering (ADE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the AirAsia Group. and in Thailand operated by Thai AirAsia.

Adrian Lorets, Chief Operating Officer of Teleports, said: “We are thrilled that Teleport is able to expand its freight forwarding business so strongly across Asia. from last year’s service We saw that only the cargo area under the passenger plane. Not enough to meet the demand in the cargo business. Therefore, we have adapted to use the aircraft specifically for transportation. This increases the transportation capacity and also connects to the delivery service to the customer. (door-to-door) within 24 hours across Southeast Asia

“We choose the right type of aircraft. To support the growing demand for shipping in today’s e-commerce and cargo businesses. We look to do long-term business and Ready to develop continuously to meet the growing market,” Lorets said.

Since 2020, Teleport has built a dedicated network for the region’s critical air freight forwarding. to support the e-commerce business and the overall growing demand for freight forwarding. in May AirAsia operates six A330s and two A320s on behalf of Teleport. It plans to add more transport aircraft later this year with freighter leases and additional aircraft modifications. To increase capacity and build customer confidence in logistics throughout Asia

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