«Airbnb will have to give the town halls the list of all rented housing»

The Minister of the City and Housing, Julien Denormandie, announces in Parisian new ways to control the rental platforms.

On Airbnb-type platforms, the Senate has just voted an amendment that opens the possibility for city halls to cap the maximum number of nights between 60 and 120 days. Are you in favor?

JULIEN DENORMANDY. No, because this measure is directed against the principal residences. Airbnb allows many French to have a little more money at the end of the month, to repay their credit. Renting your main residence for 120 days does not reduce housing supply. The fight must be against those who are speculating.

How do you do it?

We must first enforce the law. In Paris, with exception, it is possible to rent only his principal residence. Thanks to the Elan law last year, I made sure to reinforce the sanctions (Editor's note: 5000 to 50 000 euros fine per disputed announcement) and the obligations for the platforms. These measures made it possible to withdraw 3,500 dwellings from short-term rentals in one year.

Once blocked after 120 nights by Airbnb, nothing prevents the owner to rent on HomeAway or Leboncoin …

This is why I have just signed a decree that requires all platforms to submit once a year the list of all rented accommodation: addresses, registration number and number of nights. The town halls of the big cities will be able to claim the listings of the current year and the previous year. Published on Thursday, the decree will be effective from December 1st.

Is not this a way of returning the problem to town halls?

No, I give them the means of control. At the mayor of Paris, 30 agents work full time on this issue. Instead of going at random, they will have lists that will allow them to control priority housing problematic.

The mayor of Paris calls on the government to legislate against the legal possibility of turning a business into tourist accommodation year-round. Will you do it?

I will not let small businesses turn into tourist rentals. This is a subject on which we are working. We are looking at how we can act in the coming weeks.

The European Court of Justice has before it the Airbnb file. What are the consequences if it renders our national regulations obsolete?

I will take note. But you can count on me to create in this case new frames to fight against speculation.

Are these measures also a way to send a message to voters, especially in Paris, approaching the municipal?

But it's in the lineage of everything I've done for two and a half years! These subjects crystallize political debates where one too often yields to ease, as when some say: "I want to ban Airbnb everywhere in an area. The real fight is not there.

François Bayrou calls for a "Plan B" for the majority in municipal Paris. Is not this the demonstration that LREM does not have a natural candidate in the capital?

There is one and only one candidate, it's Benjamin Griveaux. Division leads to failure. We must gather around him.

But he obviously can not win … This worries you?

I believe that the dynamics of the campaign of Benjamin Griveaux will make that it will be naturally admitted by all.

You chose to support Jean-Luc Moudenc in Toulouse, who supported François-Xavier Bellamy's LR list in Europe, and not LREM's. Is it coherent?

Consistency is measured through the political project of local progressivism. This does not mean that we agree on everything, but on a base. Obviously we also take into account the local political realities, the forces involved. If applying criteria mechanically in all cities worked, that would be known!

The Muslim representatives believe that it is not surprising that the attack on the Bayonne mosque, given the political climate. Do you think so too?

I call everyone to realize that hate speech, rejection, which opposes French between them, contrary to the values ​​of the Republic, can turn into acts.

When Jean-Michel Blanquer says that the veil is not desirable in society, does it not help too?

No. Our fight is not against a religion, but against the diversion of a religion by some, which can lead to radicalization. Our second fight is against communitarianism. And then, finally, we fight for secularism. Our responsibility to all is to make sure that no amalgam is ever made.

Is he responsible for giving the antenna to Eric Zemmour?

I will not answer. To speak of him would only strengthen him. Even though I am totally opposed to his speech.

That Emmanuel Macron gives an interview to "current values" does not it risk to blur the message?

No, he's the president of all the French and he's all about convincing us of the choices we make.

The City of Paris was hoping for more

At the forefront of the cities concerned by the Airbnb phenomenon in France, the Paris mayor is still a bit hungry. "First, the decree comes one year after the Elan law and it is less ambitious than it, responds Ian Brossat, Deputy Mayor (PCF) in charge of housing. The law was about transmitting information three times a year, not just one. "

The elected also claims to be able to lower the threshold of overnight stays below 120 days. "If Barcelona, ​​London, New York, Madrid or Amsterdam have durations between 30 and 90 days, it is because it is of interest, even if it does not put housing on the market. The minister remains deaf to the inhabitants who suffer nuisances generated by these illegal hotels: noise, neighborhood conflict, different rhythms of life … "

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