Airborne Service Summons Jo Hee-yeon’s identity as a suspect tomorrow for ‘special debt suspicion’ (comprehensive)

picture explanationHeeyeon Cho, Superintendent of Education in Seoul

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On the 27th, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent Jo Hee-yeon, who is accused of unfairly hiring a dismissed teacher, is summoned and investigated by the High-ranking Public Officials Crime Investigation Office (Public Investigation Office) as a suspect.

On the 26th, the Ministry of Air Transport said, “We plan to summon Superintendent Cho at 9 am tomorrow for investigation,” and “according to the reporting rules, we will disclose the time of summons with the consent of Superintendent Cho.”

Superintendent Cho ordered the special hiring of 5 dismissed teachers, including former teachers from the National Teachers and Staff Labor Union in 2018, and was charged with excluding the assistant superintendent, etc. violation of the State Civil Service Act).

The 2nd Investigation Division of the Ministry of Airborne Affairs (Prosecutor Kim Seong-moon) booked Superintendent of Education Cho on the same charges on April 28. This is the first case since the establishment of the Airborne Service, and it is a summons and investigation within 90 days of assigning a case number to ‘indemnity No. 1’.

On May 18th, the Ministry of Airborne Affairs conducted a search and seizure of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education for about 10 hours and analyzed two boxes of confiscated items. In addition, under the direction of Superintendent of Education Cho, those involved in the case suspected of being unfairly involved in the special loan were summoned and investigated.

In this summons investigation, Superintendent Cho seems to deny the allegations entirely. He recently announced through social networking service (SNS) that “even if we go back three years ago, we will enter the path of special recruitment.”

Attorney Lee Jae-hwa of Superintendent Cho said, “Superintendent Cho’s position on the investigation will be revealed tomorrow morning.”

As Superintendent Cho agreed to disclose the summons, the Ministry of Airborne Affairs is expected to install a photo line and conduct public summons. This is the first public summons since the establishment of the Airborne Service.

According to the incident notification rules recently promulgated by the Ministry of Air Traffic, it is stipulated that, in case of an important case, a photo line can be installed for orderly coverage of the media upon the request of the suspect.


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