Airbus SE: the AMMC aims to increase the capital reserved for group employees

The Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) has announced that it has approved a prospectus relating to the increase in the capital of the company “Airbus SE” reserved for employees of the group.

This operation will be carried out by issuing a maximum of 2,200,000 shares, while the subscription price is set at 93.9 euros, or 1,012.08 dirhams, indicates the AMMC in a press release, noting that the period subscription in Morocco, where this operation concerns employees of the “Stelia Aerospace Maroc” and “Aerolia Construction” subsidiaries, will run from March 5 to 11, 2021 inclusive.

However, “if the price turns out to be higher than the closing price of the Airbus share on the date preceding the capital increase, the subscription price will be equal to the closing price of the share on the date preceding that of the capital increase. ‘capital increase, ie the price of March 17, 2021 ”, specifies the AMMC.

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