Airbus’ zero-emission hydrogen planes will take to the skies by 2035

Airbus is developing a hydrogen fuel cell engine for its aircraft Zero emissionswhich is expected to be operational by 2035.

The major French airline revealed that it will install the engine between the wings and tail of the giant modified A380, according to information seen by the specialized energy platform.

Airbus added, “The A380 MSN1 flight test aircraft is currently being modified to carry liquid hydrogen tanks and associated distribution systems,” according to the Airbus website. BV Magazin.

Airbus aircraft

The engine uses fuel cells to convert hydrogen into electricity, and Airbus will begin operating test flights by 2026.

The French airline giant has previously revealed designs for an aircraft that will be used liquid hydrogen fuel and combustion engines, but Glenn Llewellyn, Vice President of Zero Emissions Technology at Airbus, said fuel cells alone may be sufficient to power smaller commercial aircraft.

Zero-emission Airbus model. Photo courtesy of CNN

He added, “If the technical goals are achieved, hydrogen fuel cell engines may be able to power an aircraft that can accommodate 100 passengers with a range of about a thousand nautical miles,” according to the website. CNN.

Hydrogen is being promoted as a sustainable alternative to conventional jet fuel, either as a combustible fuel or to generate electricity via fuel cells.

The aviation industry produces 2.8% of global carbon dioxide emissions, but it faces more difficult decarbonization challenges than other sectors.

While hydrogen-powered aircraft have been in development since the mid-20th century, they have faced significant obstacles, particularly the lower energy density of hydrogen compared to kerosene, and the latter’s availability and low price.

Company is appreciated Airbus The French giant, that renewable hydrogen can contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the aviation industry by up to 50%.

In June 2022, the European Commission launched the Zero Emissions Aviation Alliance, to help airlines unite and work together to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

hydrogen fuel cells

In a separate context, the company announced will be plans to produce an all-new hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, starting in 2024.

The Japanese company will build the cars in Marysville, Ohio, which will be the first car of its kind in North America to combine a battery and a hydrogen fuel cell.

Honda car – photo from the company’s website

The Honda will allow the driver to charge the electric car’s battery while driving around town, with the flexibility to refuel the hydrogen cells for longer trips.

The Japanese automaker will provide more details about its upcoming car ahead of its scheduled launch in 2024.

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems announced it has received a £15m ($17.8m) grant from the UK government’s Advanced Propulsion Center as part of a broader funding package to support heavy-duty cargo vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Spanish Cepsa

The Spanish oil and gas company, Cepsa, has revealed that it will invest in the construction of two green hydrogen production plants in its energy complexes in Campo Gibraltar (Cádiz) and Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) in Spain.

The company added that it will also invest in solar and wind energy projects to operate industrial complexes.

“The Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley is a pioneering project with a production capacity of 2 gigawatts, which is 10 times larger than the largest project under construction in Europe today,” said the CEO of the Spanish company, Martin Wetselaar.

The International Energy Agency said, in a recent report, that “renewable and low-carbon hydrogen development projects in northwest Europe will gradually increase in the short and medium term.”

The agency expects the production capacity of green hydrogen projects in northwestern Europe to exceed 30 gigawatts by 2030.

and the passion green hydrogen By electrolysis of water, using electricity generated from renewable sources to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen.

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