AirPods Good Deal: Best price for Apple’s connected headphones at Amazon

It’s a new hot deal coming up for some great smart headphones from Apple. AirPods are now offered at the best price at Amazon: a good plan not to be missed.

The Cupertino company has been showing insolent success on the new technology market for several decades. Apple will have offered some of the best technological innovations but its best showcase today remains the iPhone, whose next model could be marketed in two stages. But the Cupertino company is not just smartphones. The American giant offers a bunch of other connected products, such as watches, computers, tablets and headphones. And it is precisely connected headphones that interest us today since AirPods are offered at a discount.



139 €

It is at the price of 139 euros, against 179 euros, that the AirPods are offered at the time of this writing, on August 4 at 4 p.m.. Not to mention that you will be able to pay in several monthly installments and take advantage of promotional codes at this address. AirPods deliver optimal audio quality and, in order to never run out of battery, come with a charging case. Connected headphones that obviously take up the aesthetic spirit of the Cupertino company, ideal for fans of Apple imagery. You can link them to a smartphone, Android or iOS – the iPhone 11, currently on sale, is a perfect choice.

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