Technology AirPods Pro: what to do if a headset sizzles

AirPods Pro: what to do if a headset sizzles


AirPods Pro owners complain of noise annoyance with one of their headphones (often the left, sometimes the right). As a result, Apple replaces the faulty earpiece or the complete pair.

During the publication of an article on the reception of one of these replacement headphones, some of our readers had testified to the same symptom: a kind of sizzling or in any case an abnormal noise. It can occur in transparency mode as well as in noise reduction.

On Twitter, a discussion started yesterday on this subject. Again users say they got a full swap or one of the headphones. In the forums of Apple we find messages which make think of similar situations (1, 2, 3), just like on Reddit (1, 2, 3). Conversely, none of those who have these AirPods Pro at MacG, have yet noticed this noise.

If this problem occurs, before calling Apple, check that the defective earpiece is clean. It sounds simplistic as a solution, but with previous AirPods we have already had the case where the sound was completely muffled, to the point of wondering if the earpiece was not dead. Ultimately, after a good brushstroke in the Apple Store, he had regained all his energy (see also AirPods: accessories guide and maintenance tips). This is unfortunately a case well known to technicians in the Apple Store (who hardly like having to clean customers’ earwax…).

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As AirPods Pro are completely different from previous AirPods, with their tips and membranes in particular, it is not impossible that the inevitable accumulation of dirt will eventually cause undesirable effects.

However, some users complained very quickly, after their purchase, of the appearance of this problem. Perhaps there is something else in this case. So inspect your headphones first, and if they seem clean, all you have to do is contact Apple.



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