Airport seizure, pulmonary embolism… 4 diseases frequently misdiagnosed

Pulmonary embolism, Lyme disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, and stroke are more likely to be misdiagnosed, so caution is needed. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

Debbie Balladra (61) ‘Celiac disease’was diagnosed with wheat protein glutenIt is caused by the absence of enzymes that process usually gluten-free foodshould eat Although he strictly controlled his diet, gastrointestinal problems continued. The result of the ballad being re-examined stage 1 ovarian cancerfound out that

Thousands of people are misdiagnosed every year. bad health careis in vain to do or is suffering. American health magazine Prevention 4 diseases that are most likely to be misdiagnosedintroduced have.


panic attack? I found out before

a clot of blood blood clotIt interferes with blood circulation and causes respiratory diseases. When a blood clot blocks a blood vessel in the lungs ‘Pulmonary embolism’This occurs, and the symptoms panic attacksimilar to

Alan Brown, thoracic surgeon Dr. pulmonary embolism the patient Anxietysaid to see respiratory rate and heart rateAs the level increases, symptoms similar to anxiety attacks are observed. A Spanish study found that 33.5% of patients with pulmonary embolism panic attack misdiagnosed, etc.

Fibromyalgia?… diagnosed with Lyme disease

miteAn infectious disease caused by ‘Lyme disease’ It is also a frequently misdiagnosed disease. According to Dr. Stephen Buck, only 50% of people with Lyme disease have typical symptoms. Like cow’s eyes, the edges are red and the center is light. erythemato be.

Other signs of Lyme disease include Headache, joint pain, seizures, back neck pain etc. If these symptoms are present without erythema, it can be mistaken for fibromyalgia. fibromyalgiashows symptoms such as migraine, muscle pain, and fatigue, and 30-40% of Lyme disease patients are misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia.


I was diagnosed with menopause…

stressful or climactericwhen approaching menstrual cyclebecomes irregular. Irregular menstrual cycle and hair growth or weight gain Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)there is a possibility that

According to the PCOS Foundation, Endocrine disordersis present in 8% of women of childbearing age. sterility70% of cases are caused by this disease. because of PCOS weightThis increase leads to increased insulin resistance and ‘Androgens’ secretion is increased; This causes the menstrual cycle to become irregular.

Migraine as a dangerous stroke

migraineis a flash of light in front of your eyes spotI see this, and I feel a tingling sensation in my limbs. According to James Greenwald, a professor at the State University of New York School of Medicine, stroke The symptoms are similar and difficult to distinguish.

both diseases brainis normally blood circulationBecause of the inability to do so, it shows similar symptoms. To differentiate this, the patient Age, disease history, duration of symptoms back should be looked at. Stroke symptoms appear relatively quickly, whereas migraine headaches appear relatively slowly.

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