Airports from above: Airports from an exciting perspective

Until recently, they were programmed for growth: airports. It is not for nothing that they are always being built. But with the outbreak and spread of the corona pandemic, the boom came to a standstill. “The aviation industry is on the stick”, said Berlin airport boss Engelbert Lütke Daldrup so aptly in October in a conversation with the stern.

For the aviation journalist and book author Andreas Fecker airports are “extensive, highly complex facilities,” he writes in his latest work “Airports from Above – Airports of the World from an Exciting Perspective”, which was published by Geramond. “Architects outdo each other with daring buildings, elegantly curved roofs, slim control towers, because airports are the flagship of a city, a region, a country.”

As a passenger you can see one or the other corner of an airport from above when taking off or landing, but always only from the side if you are lucky enough to have a window seat. So Fecker came up with the idea to change perspective with his illustrated book. “I can make up for my need to make up for all these lost impressions visually in this book, CO2-free and climate-neutral, and enjoy them in peace.”

With the author’s explanations, “Airports from Above” becomes a standard work. Fecker also invites us to take a trip around the world on the couch, as we cannot travel ourselves at the moment.

On the following pages of the photo gallery above, we show some motifs from the more than 110 presented airports.

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